Sunday, October 4, 2015

Granny Sweater Roundup

Okay, it is officially Fall..... We had a few weeks where it was chilly in the morning but then sweltering by the afternoon. The last few days though have been a bit brutal in comparison..... damp and windy. Sometimes I feel colder on days like that than I do in the middle of a snowy Winter. Does that make sense? Maybe the heavy air and sudden change gets deeper into my bones, I don't know. 

Anyway, last year I really fell hard for "handmade" looking sweaters so I thought I would do a round up in honor of the season change. What's not to love about feeling wrapped up in an afghan? Whether it be truly handmade, vintage, or mass produced to look like handmade, there are tons of options out there as I feel this trend is here to stay!

From top left across:

Crochet Trimmed Cardi - original post here
Vintage Floral Love - original post here
Handmade Prada Look-a-Like - original post here

From bottom left across:

Handmade Vintage via eBay
Motherhood Maternity Love - original post here
Chevron Vest Transition - original post here

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