Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Perfect Outfit

This right here, is my idea of a perfect outfit...... good jeans + cute top. Of course, I tend to prefer the boho style, so you will usually find me in flare jeans, flowy tops and braided hair! I can't resist a good whimsical print, so I was immediately drawn to this top with it's cute squirrels, owls and birds. Off to start my day.... make it a good one folks!

Necklace : Aldo (old)
Apt 9 Avaitor Sunglasses : Kohl's

Friday, October 28, 2016

Peacock Lace

Y'all know I am an Anthropologie "Sale" shopper..... but every once in a while, I treat myself to a full price item. Especially during my birthday month. I get my birthday discount, and then sometimes I get a wonderful gift card from my dear friend! So when I combine those two things, I can rationalize treating myself to something that is more expensive. 

For the past several years, Anthro has come out with these lace tops and it's followers go crazy over them! You'll see them all over blogs, instagram, pinterest, etc.... and they sell out quick. These tops have the same common design in that they are usually a swing (aka loose or trapeze) design, have a high neckline, and are short sleeved. Usually, they've been white and the designs that are most seen are lemons and pineapples! So, this Fall when they came out with a teal color and a peacock design...... well, you know how that turned out!

I am actually wearing this top backwards. My local store didn't carry it so I had to order it online. When I was reading the reviews, people complained about the pattern placement so I was concerned over whether I'd get a good one. The true front does have a peacock on it, but its head got cut off by the bust seam! I am always up for the challenge of making a piece that I love work for me, so there you go! I left the buttons open, which would have been up the back, so maybe next time I will button them up. 

a.n.a. High Rise Flare Jeans in black : JC Penney

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Ana Dress

I've tried yet another LuLaRoe style..... The Ana which is their maxi dress. Of course the peacock print sold me. It's a bit disguised as a paisley pattern, until you look closer, and I love the Fall colors. So easy and comfy, and I threw a jean jacket over it for the chill that was in the air! 

Ana Dress : LuLaRoe
Jean Jacket : TJ Maxx
dv Jameson Double Zip Bootie : Target

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Corner Cabinet Project

I mentioned in my Dresser Project post, that I had also recently done another furniture painting project..... this time I tried chalk paint for the first time! I've had this corner cabinet since before we were married and since we moved it has resided in the office (see this post for a better view of the room). As time has gone on, I've come to complain about how "inefficient" the cabinet was in displaying things. The wood line down the middle where the doors meet obstructed a good portion of the view, and the reflection off the curved glass didn't help either. As my antique/primitive collection has grown, so has the need to display it. I had a few ideas here.... one was to sell the cabinet as is and then use the money to buy something else that I liked better. I also had a few other shelves around the house that I tried, but since they weren't corner specific (more square or rectangle) they just did not look right. Finally, I decided to revamp it.
My plan was to remove the doors and fill the holes, but leave the bottom doors on. Well, as I got into the project, I decided to leave the bottom doors off too. It seems you can't go to any flea market or antique shop lately without seeing chalk painted furniture, so I decided to try my hand at it. The appeal? No prep work!!! No sanding (which I hate). No priming! So I ran to one of the local shops in Jackson that I knew carried it to make my purchase. Since I always play it safe and do neutrals, I knew I wanted to do something different. I choose "totally teal" and was pleasantly surprised to see the particular line of paint they carried was created and made in Battle Creek when I had previously lived for 12 years! When I looked up the site, I remembered visiting the shop before we moved but was unaware they made and manufactured their own paint. So, I got to painting. I did two coats. There are so many options with chalk paint in regards to finish. For example, you can do a clear wax or a tinted wax. Since I wanted an aged look, I picked a tinted one. In addition to this being my first chalk paint experience, it was also my first experience with any type of furniture wax. You have to work really fast - put it on only a one foot area at a time and then wipe off to your desired look. Here's a good example with the doors (before I decided not to use them) of what it looks like with and without the wax. 
When I was waxing the inside of the cabinet, when the shelves were out, I was very critical of thinking that you could totally tell where I stopped and started each wax area - like it looked streaky and bad. But just like the paint, you have to do a few coats of wax to get the look you want and once I had the shelves back in I felt better about how it looked. I LOVE how it turned out and it suits our decorating needs/style so much better! 
I knew I wanted the shelf to house my ever growing wheeled animals collection, but I started at the top first. Since I did such a styled display on the other corner cabinet in the room (see post here about that cabinet and the wheeled animals) I knew I wanted something equally as styled here. The two peacock tins I got at The Antique Mercantile, where we've had our booth space. I swear, every time I go in there to work on our booth, I find something to buy! But, I love supporting the business where I sell at, and the other booth vendors. Everything else I already had.
Once I had the top complete, simply placing the animals on each shelf was much too blah. So tried to think of what else I could use to add to the look without taking away from each animal. Empty picture frames and books did the trick! Having a stash of these items around the house really helps in so many ways. You have to think about decorating in "layers" sometimes to make things look like they were meant to be there. Three of these pieces came from The Antique Mercantile too! The bunny, bear and chicken. Although I think I may repaint the bear since he is a bit gaudy. The blessings sign the boys got my for my birthday.

I most definitely would use chalk paint again! In fact, I can see how it could become addictive.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Fall Floral

I immediately fell in love with this dress when I saw it at Target. The colors, the pattern, the A-line style, the midi length and the long sleeves! On trend with its 70's vibe and lace up detail! So easy to just throw on with some booties (which are also from Target BTW).

Heidi Daus Necklace : gift from Hubby

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dresser Project

One of my projects this Summer was refinishing this cool dresser I got at a friends garage sale. When I first bought it, I thought I would flip it and sell it at our booth space. But then, as I started working on it, I just loved it too much! Plus, neither of the boys have dressers (although they do just fine with their well organized closets). But, you never know when you will need a good ole' dresser, even in a spare bedroom or repurposed in an entryway, etc...... I knew immediately I wanted to try a 2 tone finish on this, so I decided on a painted base and stained drawers. All the materials I used, we already had (sandpaper, paint, stain, brushes, etc...) so all I have into this is the $50 I paid for it and my labor.

It came with all of it's original hardware, which I was thrilled with! It also has a mirror attachment, but there was no mirror in it. I decided not to use it for the dresser, however I may repurpose that piece by putting a chalkboard into the frame and hanging it where we might need a chalkboard. I LOVE the keyholes even though we don't have they key and don't have a need to lock the drawers. I just went over all of the metal with some steel wool to brighten it up a bit while still maintaining its patina.
It ended up looking most at home in Carson's room for now. We used to have a bookshelf in this area, but it was an unorganized mess! The only problem with being a believer in "using what you have" is that the leftover house paint I used is pretty much almost every wall in our house! So if I were looking for it to "pop", I would have to paint it a different color (or use some tinted wax on it - I will be posting another project where I used this soon). I do, however, love the way it turned out - just as it is!
If you want to see details on the embroidery hoop photo collage, see this link.
If you want to see the maternity photos featured, see this link. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Watermelon Tourmaline

Life has seriously been a blur lately, so not much time for blogging! Even though these pictures aren't the greatest, I still wanted to post them before some of the items sold out. For as long as I can remember, I have loved pink and green together. More specifically, muted tones of pink and green. So it's no wonder that when I got into jewelry making 15+ years ago, watermelon tourmaline became one of my favorite stones. It's organic hues range from almost black, to the palest blush, and I remember painstakingly selecting the strands I wanted at the gem shows I went to. And then trying to find the right wire and components since holes drilled into natural stones are so tiny!
Taking inspiration from the semi-precious gem into this outfit...... my love of Anthro's flowy tops continue here. Usually, most all that I have are the traditional empire waist (straight line under bust) so this one intrigued me with a more triangular line and mix of fabric. The triangular design is the same on the back and has a cute "T" like detail as well.
Anama "Quincy Tee" : Anthropologie (currently extra 25% off!)
Sandals : Payless
Necklace : Made by Me (see close up at end)

Anthropologie's current offerings of delicate tourmaline jewelry also inspired me for this post. Just search artist "Emily Gibbons" on their site to find these pretty pieces.
 And here are the necklaces I made so very, very long ago!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Love Dove

Back in the Spring, I did a post on my vintage wheeled animal collection. In it, I was talking about how surprised I was to see a clothing print where swans were riding bicycles. There were a few different pieces in this collection by the brand Love Dove, and I decided on the skirt. I finally got around to wearing it last week. It was the perfect print to pattern mix with, so I went with a black and white striped top. Another fun fact is that my nickname for Carson is "Love Dove" (short for Lovey Dovey) so it made getting this skirt even more fun. When we were getting ready in the morning, Carson was pointing to the swans and making "quacking" noises. And I told Richard I had no idea swans knew how to ride bicycles and he gave me a crazy look. Yeah, I am that kind of Mom.

Perfect Tee in black/white stripes : LuLaRoe
Love Dove "Going, Going Swan" Skirt : Modcloth
Ankle Strap Wedges : Rockport
Jessica Simpson Sunglasses : TJ Maxx

Thursday, September 8, 2016

That 90's Vibe

They always say if you wait long enough, something will come back in style. We’ve seen it time and time again, and some decades just never go out of style (I feel this way about the 70’s because it always seems there is SOMETHING in fashion inspired by that time). It’s now my generations time = the 90’s! Suddenly, chokers are back. I am seeing bodysuits here and there. Chunky heels. Slip dresses over t-shirts. I couldn’t resist trying a little throwback!

I recently got this simple black slip dress from Target (Who What Wear line). My first instinct was to throw a jean jacket over it. But is has been so stinking hot and muggy lately! Summer is giving us one last hurrah, so wearing it over a tee came to mind. All these years as I’ve cleaned out my jewelry box, I just couldn’t force myself to get rid of my choker, so of course I am happy about that good decision making. Suddenly, I was transported back to high school and remembering the days of seeing all of the grunge bands at The Rave. Cue up some Pearl Jam for the ride to work!
Who What Wear dress : Target
Falls Creek White tee : Meijer
Catherine Malandrino Heels : Zulily
Choker : vintage

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