Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekly Anthro Outfit

Here's the outfit I submitted to Effortless Anthropologie on Sunday:

Daughters of Liberation "Slackened Utility Jacket" - Anthro

Eggplant shell - Kohl's

Pleated Maxi Skirt - Elle @ Kohl's

Boots - JC Penney

Necklace - my own beaded creation

Funny story about the jacket...... I actually got it at TJ Maxx! When I saw it, I was immediately drawn to it's special details. The fabric was beautiful, as were the buttons and hardware. It's a bit of an asymmetrical lapel as you button it up. I've always had a thing for army green military jackets, and this was no different. It reminded me of something you would find at Anthro, and the label sounded familiar. When I got home, I looked it up online and sure enough, it was from Anthro! I read that it is very rare for TJ Maxx to get Anthro pieces, but it does happen from time to time. And here in my little city of Battle Creek? That's even rarer. Getting a $138 jacket for $24.99? That is a great feeling!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Chicago = Circus & Peacocks!

This past weekend I took Richard to Chicago. We met my Mom, Sister-in-Law and Nephew there and explored Navy Pier. The last time Richard was in Chicago, he was still in my tummy! Navy Pier was the perfect setting to start getting excited about his Circus themed birthday party next month! The Children's Museum had a special Circus display going on. While the dress up clothes were all to big for him, we still go some fun pictures with some props.

Don't let the dark clouds fool you - it was a beautiful day to walk around. Although it did storm during the night.

Not specifically Circus, but Carnival type rides can be experienced. We went on the Ferris Wheel - Richard loved it! His face was up to the plexiglass the entire time!

We stayed at our favorite hotel - The Palmer House - which is peacock themed. Here's a post about my last stay there a few years ago. It was fun to get some pics of Richard in the setting!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Quite a Spectacle!

I was so thrilled last week when I saw, on the weekly Anthropologie readers outfits, that someone else had made their own version of the "Quite a Spectacle" necklace too! Click on the link above to see Kristen wearing it, and then here is the link to her blog posting about making it.

Here is the original from Anthro's site. When you see this necklace from afar, as I did in the catalog, it looks like a long big link necklace. But then you think wait, are those glasses? Yes, they are! That's what I love about Anthro - unique and unusual pieces - but I could not afford the $498 price tag. So of course, I thought about making my own. For myself. Not the sell. Just for myself.
I knew it would be unlikely that I would find cool vintage frames at the few local thrift stores in town, but I tried anyway. No luck. We have some nice antique/thrift stores in a neighboring town, but it's hard for me to get there during their business hours and I figured I would pay a pretty price. So, I did what I always do... start searching eBay and Etsy. I soon realized that hand picking 6 pairs that I loved was going to be hard and pricey as well. When I get an idea in my mind, I don't like to wait for multiple auctions to end or purchase everything from different places. So I started searching for lots of vintage glasses. Found a great seller and I ended up with a lot of 11 for around $50. This would allow me to choose my 6 favorite pairs and have a few spares in case of breakage or accidents during the assembly.

The first step was removing the sides on all of them. Using the tiny screwdriver in our eyeglass repair kit, I set to work. Some were much harder to remove than others, as the threads had been worn too much over time or else they were tightened really, really good. I had to use my little hand drill to get some of them out while being careful not to wreck the component that stays on the frames, as that is what you will be looping your jump rings through to connect all of the frames. I saved all of the sides - not sure what I'll use them for but something may come to mind.

The next part was removing all of the lenses to lessen the weight. These were all made back in the day when the lenses were real glass! I thought they would pop out fairly easy but they did not. I didn't want to risk breaking the frames so I used my hand drill again to drill a hole through the glass resulting in it to shatter so that I could carefully remove it.

Next, I cleaned all of the empty frames. Many of them had makeup still left on the nose pieces! As I was cleaning them, I imagined who might have worn them. I pictured a lady with perfectly coiffed hair, a sweater, and pencil skirt sitting in an office setting.

Last, I linked them all together, added chain and a clasp, and voila! I LOVE how it turned out!

Check out the floral and rhinestone detail on these! Fun vintage charm!

Friday, April 13, 2012


I am going through a bit of a destash in my studio right now. I've reactivated my Loose Feathers Etsy shop - see link to the right on the blog to get there. This sampling above is some of the items I am going to part with right now. Not all of them are listed yet, because Etsy started giving me problems, but if there is something you see above that you are interested in, just let me know. I don't know when I will do more listing as I am going out of town for the weekend.

There are lots of goodies from all of your favorite artists: Round Rabbit, Jade Scott, Anne Choi, Earthenwood Studio, Humblebeads, etc.....

Does this mean I am not going to make jewelry anymore?


It just means that the little time that I do have to get in the studio right now, I feel so overwhelmed with "stuff". I think lightening the load a bit will help me stay focused. Rest assured, I still have plenty of cool things to work with!

Oh, and the best part..... FREE SHIPPING! On everything!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Snowflake Necklace

In all of my daydreaming about Anthropologie lately, I was reminded again this week about a gorgeous necklace they once carried in 2008 - the Snowflake Necklace. Metal and crochet are what makes up the pretty little "snowflakes".

Here is the version I ran across this week while flipping through a Fire Mountain Gems catalog that came in the mail. This designer made "snowflakes" out of seed beads and also encorporated a filigree piece to tie it all together in the front. She was a finalist in a contest they were having, and rightfully so! Very detailed and gorgeous!

Here's the version I made (and posted about) back in 2008. I took an easier route and made my entire piece out of the filigree pieces. I still love this necklace, 4 years later. Statement necklaces like this look best on plain tops or dresses. They can really change the look of an outfit!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Anthropologie Outfit

Ahhh, the joys of Spring in Michigan. One day it's 70, the next it's 40. It can really throw a wrench into getting dressed everyday. And, when you're in an office building, the temperature in there can fluctuate just as much to.

Rising Vapors Dress - Anthro

Gap Jean Jacket - thrifted

Flower Pin - Macy's

Bare Traps "Armandy" boots - Macy's (a Christmas gift)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Anthropologie Outfit

Outfit submitted for this week's Effortless Anthropologie reader outfits.....

Alary Shirtdress - Anthro

Brown Belt & Tights - Kohl's

Boots - JC Penney

Hoop Earrings - vintage from my Mom

The Alary shirtdress was a super sale find in December when Anthro had an additional 50% off clearance. A variety of winged creatures (butterflies and birds) are suspended on Girls from Savoy's pleated, fine-wale corduroy dress.

New Jewelry Holder

I should first start out by saying I have had a lot of peacock "finds" at Michael's lately. Everything from a pad of scrapbook paper (yes, I will scrapbook again someday) to candles to a Pier 1 looking plate to some dollar bin goodies. I wanted to share with you what I did with some of my $1 bin treasures, specifically some drawer pulls!

I bought 3 ceramic knobs that feature a peacock on them, and then 2 "crystal" looking ones as well that were also only $1. I scavenged up a piece of old wood in our basement (it's an old piece of base board trim from a room we renovated). It was already the right length I wanted, and it was distressed to perfection.
Drilled some holes for the knobs....... Also attached some little hardware pieces on each corner (part of some old drawer pull hardware from a desk we redid) for some ribbon to go through as the hanger. I used some old sari ribbon that I bought from Earthenwood Studio at Bead & Button last year. It's a beautiful brown accented with a bit of golden yellow which I think pulls together the amber colored knob wonderfully!

Close up of the peacock....

I hung it in my dining room for picture purposes, so I have yet to find it's official home in my studio.

A fun, cheap weekend project that satisfies my need to create while Richard is napping!