Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Jewelry Holder

I should first start out by saying I have had a lot of peacock "finds" at Michael's lately. Everything from a pad of scrapbook paper (yes, I will scrapbook again someday) to candles to a Pier 1 looking plate to some dollar bin goodies. I wanted to share with you what I did with some of my $1 bin treasures, specifically some drawer pulls!

I bought 3 ceramic knobs that feature a peacock on them, and then 2 "crystal" looking ones as well that were also only $1. I scavenged up a piece of old wood in our basement (it's an old piece of base board trim from a room we renovated). It was already the right length I wanted, and it was distressed to perfection.
Drilled some holes for the knobs....... Also attached some little hardware pieces on each corner (part of some old drawer pull hardware from a desk we redid) for some ribbon to go through as the hanger. I used some old sari ribbon that I bought from Earthenwood Studio at Bead & Button last year. It's a beautiful brown accented with a bit of golden yellow which I think pulls together the amber colored knob wonderfully!

Close up of the peacock....

I hung it in my dining room for picture purposes, so I have yet to find it's official home in my studio.

A fun, cheap weekend project that satisfies my need to create while Richard is napping!

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Great results. You are definitely giving me some ideas. I really need something simple and reasonably quick to make for my necklaces. Thanks for sharing the idea. I love it!