Friday, April 29, 2016

Simple Stripes

Spring seems to be coming late this year, so I feel like my outfits lately have been very casual and basic. I cannot wait until it is full on "dress every day" time!!! Both of these looks feature striped tops, which are great staples to have. Layers and unique details makes it all feel a little less "blah".

Look #1
Striped Turtleneck - JC Penney
Lucky Brand Vest - TJ Maxx
Black High Rise Jeggings - American Eagle
Mi.Im Floral Slip Ons - Zulily
Anthropologie Long Tassel Necklace - found at TJ Maxx

Look #2

Puella Turtleneck Swing Tank - Anthropologie
Zuma Necklace - Anthropologie
Free People Look-a-Like Duster - TJ Maxx
High Rise Jeggings - American Eagle
Sandals - Payless

Friday, April 22, 2016

Current Obsession : Twofer Dresses

I am currently obsessed with these two-tone dresses, so I thought I would feature a few on here. I find myself gravitating more and more toward simplicity. These are great because they are effortless but polished. You can mix a lot of different accessories with them, and they are a bit more elevated than a solid color dress since they give the illusion of 2 pieces. I would have included the dress I wore in yesterdays post, but that one was 3 colors. Same idea, whether it is solid colors or either the top or bottom is a print.
I've been a little late to the Fixer Upper party. But since watching it, I, like everyone else quickly fell in love with Joanna Gaines! Many of the ladies on the Anthro boards I am on comment on what pieces she wears that are Anthro, and as you can imagine they sell out and then go for an arm and a leg on eBay. On the left, you'll see her wearing a simple Bordeaux dress. The look-a-likes I found lack the miniscule cap sleeve, but I am loving them. The one pictured is a midi length from Old Navy last year, and I found a full maxi at TJ Maxx (unfortunately, no longer on their site). I am sure there are a ton of other versions out there.
Loft is currently offering the Duet Dress, which is a delight!
An Anthro goodie from a few years ago, that was brought to my attention on one of the resale boards. So check there, eBay, or any of the other resale sites for Edme & Esyllte's Freya Dress.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Peacock Colors

Second to peacock prints, I can't resist peacock colors! I knew this maxi would go with so many of my peafowl accessories, so it was a great buy. It was on sale a few weeks ago, with an extra percent off. I am glad I snagged it then because mysterious it is full price again!?!?! Hmmm...... It comes in 2 other color combos, and is getting rave reviews. No arguments here!
I paired it with the Equatorial Fringed Bib Necklace for it's first outing, since that was the first necklace to come to mind when I saw this dress. You might remember my excitement about this necklace from this post, when I truly did you guys a solid by posting a terrible outfit combo just to show it off! Seriously though, I LOVE the dress in that post - one of my all time faves - and again, the peacock colors.
Jean Jacket - TJ Maxx
Apt 9 Sunglasses - Kohls
Journee "Dixie" Booties - Kohls

 Recent "peacock colors" observations (seriously bought these without even thinking about it - you know, those desperate shopping moments when I NEED A KIDS COAT LIKE YESTERDAY and MY KIDS BACKPACK ZIPPER BROKE).
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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pearled Flutter Kimono

This is the last of my "jeweled bug" clothing that I've been posting about within the last year. I've actually had this top for about a year, but didn't wear it until now. Before I knew it, it got cold and it certainly didn't seem like a Winter top to me. So now that it is Spring I figured it is about time.
I purchased it at none other than Anthropologie, once it hit sale and there was an additional promotion, because it was quite the pricey piece. It is by a husband/wife Indian design team called Pankaj & Nidhi. Their pieces are hard to find elsewhere in the U.S., and they usually sell out quickly at Anthro! I find that is my balance in life..... I am either wearing some obscure international designer, or something from the big box grocery store. And I am totally cool with that.
What I fell in love with, is the fact that the bugs in this print look like rhinestone brooches! It was hard to capture just how beautiful it is. Like I usually do, I looked around at Pankaj & Nidhi's site and when they created this collection (there were other pieces) they called it "Vintage Closet". As with any of these fancy prints, I kept the rest of the outfit simple with some jeans and flat sandals.

High Rise Jeggings - American Eagle
Sandals - Payless
Apt 9 Sunglasses - Kohls

Recapping my jeweled bug collection below.... you can see the other posts here and here.
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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Decorating : What the Duck?!?!

So as with any of my decorating posts, I definitely can see a "theme" in things. I just hope I am doing a good job in spacing things out in a purpose like manner, to avoid anything looking too "overdone". I might as well just say I am a lover of all bird things, with a special affinity for peacocks, owls and ducks. Above are some vintage decoys in a crate next to our front door (see original post here). 
The yellow duck above, and green duck below, are currently on my mantle. Several years ago, I got my Dad a Father's Day gift at the Meijer Gardens gift shop. It was a duck similar to this named Alan. The company was "dcuk", and we've admired him ever since. When the Antique Mercantile opened up I found these two guys in one of the booths there. You can see the color scheme of my mantle here, however I am still playing around with incorporating our new friends and not quite sure of the placement yet.
This handmade, carved duck was a Salvation Army find for 99 cents! See original post here. 
A couple of brass ducks that were "picked" and sold at the booth.......
A couple of duck baskets hold essentials near the kitchen sink. Another Salvation Army find when we were shopping for Richard's bed (see post here).
And, a duck basket for sale at the booth. Are you seeing a pattern here? One for me, one for the booth, one for me, one for the booth....... 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Jeweled Bugs

Being a lover of jeweled bugs (as shown in this post), I totally fell in love with this top from Banana Republic. They have 2 other styles available, as well as some accessories. When I snagged mine, it was during a 40% off sale. I kept it all in the blue family with dark flares but a sleeveless chambray in a lighter blue to break it up. I've got a lot of other ideas on how I want to wear this statement piece!

Jeweled Basketweave Pullover - Banana Republic
Sleeveless Chambray Button Up - TJ Maxx
St. John's Bay Anorak Jacket - JC Penney
Mossimo "Jessica" Boots - Target
Jessica Simpson Sunglasses - TJ Maxx

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Get the look for Less : Meijer does it again!

What are you doing to me Meijer? I am supposed to be procuring meals for my family. And, I don't know, a never ending supply of diapers. But you keep distracting me! Luring me into the clothing section. Really though, it is right in front so there's no way to get anywhere else without walking by.

My latest find is yet another Anthropologie look-a-like. The Smocked Swing Tank by Dolan (shown left below) was offered up about this same time last year, for $68. It's final markdown price was $19.95 and it resells on eBay for about $50.

Meijer's version is by their Falls Creek brand, and it retails for $22. Watch those sales too - this past week they were offering buy one, get one 50% off. The front is a really soft, satiny material for optimal flowy-ness. I plan to wear this untucked, tucked in, belted...... alone or under a jacket or sweater........ it's a blank slate for a long necklace or a statement necklace. I really cannot say enough good things about this elevated basic! Anthropologie offered 4 colors from what I can tell, and so does Meijer - although I believe theirs are more deep, jewel tones. This lovely magenta, olive green, teal (peacock) blue, and navy blue. The other thing that I've forgotten to mention in my previous posts about Meijer, is that most items are offered in both regular and plus sizes!

Meijer's buyer must be an Anthropologie fan, from the way I have seen their clothing go the past few years. So when are you going to pick one (or two) of these up? I may ALWAYS forget something on my grocery list. but apparently I never forget what Anthropologie carried!