Friday, April 22, 2016

Current Obsession : Twofer Dresses

I am currently obsessed with these two-tone dresses, so I thought I would feature a few on here. I find myself gravitating more and more toward simplicity. These are great because they are effortless but polished. You can mix a lot of different accessories with them, and they are a bit more elevated than a solid color dress since they give the illusion of 2 pieces. I would have included the dress I wore in yesterdays post, but that one was 3 colors. Same idea, whether it is solid colors or either the top or bottom is a print.
I've been a little late to the Fixer Upper party. But since watching it, I, like everyone else quickly fell in love with Joanna Gaines! Many of the ladies on the Anthro boards I am on comment on what pieces she wears that are Anthro, and as you can imagine they sell out and then go for an arm and a leg on eBay. On the left, you'll see her wearing a simple Bordeaux dress. The look-a-likes I found lack the miniscule cap sleeve, but I am loving them. The one pictured is a midi length from Old Navy last year, and I found a full maxi at TJ Maxx (unfortunately, no longer on their site). I am sure there are a ton of other versions out there.
Loft is currently offering the Duet Dress, which is a delight!
An Anthro goodie from a few years ago, that was brought to my attention on one of the resale boards. So check there, eBay, or any of the other resale sites for Edme & Esyllte's Freya Dress.

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