Friday, April 1, 2016

Get the Look for Less : Denim Culottes

A few years ago, I treated myself to a very unique pair of jeans. I had never seen anything like them before. Even on sale, it was more than I would normally pay for jeans. But when I got them, I never regretted my purchase. They were incredibly soft and well made. I knew they would be the kind of jeans you would keep forever and would get better with age. I touched a little bit on these special pieces in my denim post.
Unfortunately, after having Carson my body changed so much that I truly do not know if I will ever fit in them again. Luckily though, over the years I have seen retailers jump on this style. I know H & M and Urban Outfitters carried them a while back, but I missed out. Anthropologie is carrying them again this season, even in black! They are the same brand I had.... Citizens of Humanity (shown below).
The reason I decided to do this post though, is because I have seen these turn up all over the place lately! And are they ever affordable (all under $50 when you hit up the sales). Here are the links to what I have found, from left to right.
Festival Crop Jean - American Eagle

I am glad to replace one of my favorite pairs of jeans - in a different size - at such a great price! I love this look, but I know not everyone likes the hippie/boho vibe. I have seen denim culottes without the ripped hem too, so if that is more your style they will be a plenty this season as they are one of the biggest trends. Good luck in your shopping adventures!

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