Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Velvet Crush

 Being a 90's girl, I am in my heyday with all of the trends coming back in recent years. Chokers, block heels, slip dresses (over tees), and....... VELVET! I have always loved velvet, but as we all know it can be a difficult fabric to care for. It starts to show wear marks in places like armpits or where you might be sitting on it, and stains are hard to get out. So when I found this turtleneck, where only the front was velvet, I was thrilled! Crushed velvet even! The arms and back are even different knits. Oh, and the title of this post not only describes this top but it's also the name of a 90's band - one of the many I saw as a grunge-era concert goer!
 Juicy Brand Turtleneck - Kohl's
High Rise Flares - Target
Mossimo "Jessica" Boots - Target
Needlepoint Necklace - Jill's Addiction (second hand shop in Marshall, MI)

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Monochrome Sharkbite

 I never really thought much about dressing in completely one color and even if I did, it would have been black. This past Fall/Winter, I added these sweaters to my closet and while looking for links to share (sorry, both sold out) I saw that this type of hem is called "sharkbite". You can see the sides are longer then the front and back, and they come down to a point.
 Of course I have worn both of these sweaters with blue jeans or black jeans, and now I know I can pair them with these similar shaded pants. The one color palette provides a blank slate for accessories - my go to is always a fun necklace!
 Left / Wine Details:
Fashion Avenue Sweater - Meijer
Hi Rise Jeggings - American Eagle
Sunglasses - Zulily
"Maris" Booties - Sole Society
Necklace - Plunder Designs
Right / Olive:
Head to toe Target.... almost!
Mossimo Sharkbite Turtleneck Sweater
Abnoba Layer Necklace - Anthropologie