Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jade's flowers + SLK = awesome

So, Jade Scott was having a shop update this week, and I seriously had to force myself not to buy anything. Why? Because I have a bundle of these pretty enamel flowers from her last update that I need to work with. And I was able to do that this week. And not even intentionally, both necklace designs I made also used a piece from the Industrial Chic line by Susan Lenart Kazmer.

This first one I centered in the middle of a brass washer I found. It is stamped with the phrase "the earth laughs in flowers". I really like how the irregular shape of the washer mirrors that of the flower. Very simple and delicate with a feminine chain and some Czech glass dangles in the same peachy colors.
This next one was attached to one side of an enamel Industrial Chic leaf. I drilled a hole in the other side so that it could be strung sideways and then pulled together some coordinating beads and cotton cord.

Have a great Sunday!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yeah! I finally got to make some stuff!!!

Hi! So I know my posting lately has been about art events I've attended (which is cool because they are so inspiring) or shopping for peacock items (which you may or may not be interested in). But finally this week I was able to steal away a few minutes each evening to make stuff! Wahoo! So the next few posts will be showing new work.

I got started with playing with my tin again, and here is a new flower pin I made. The large pink flower was on the top lid of a candle tin. I layered it with some more tin and a few openwork metal flowers. Now that Fall is here, people are starting to pull out their sweaters and wool coats - the perfect medium for brooches!
This necklace is a fav of mine - I really like how it turned out. I riveted a piece of an old tea tin to a pendant and then drilled some holes in a tiny spoon (from Ornamentea) to use it as a link. The color combo is pretty cool - the dark black being the total opposite of the pristine white ceramic beads with flowers on them. Some gold filigree and black deerskin leather lace finish it up.

You can find both of these items in my Etsy shop, as well as an additional tin piece that was on display at the recent Upcycle exhibit at the Art Center - a trio of hearts necklace. Their gift shop still has many of my tin pieces for sale, and now that I've gotten the pieces that were on exhibit back (the ones I didn't want to quite give up yet), I am challenging myself to maybe let a few of them go. As I make more pretty things and fall in love with them, I realize that I can't keep everything (as much as I'd like to).

Check them out if you are interested, and as always, thank you for your support!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another art filled weekend.....

This Fall sure has been busy with fun art events to attend! Kristen and I enjoyed a full Friday night and Saturday this past weekend!

Friday night was Battle Creek's annual Fall into the Arts. Even though our downtown is still undergoing it's major renovation, it was still possible to make it to all of the stops (businesses) that were featuring artists. Surprisingly, the weather turned out to be very pleasant too since we had feared it was going to rain all day. We had a great time meeting and chatting with people - some newly met and some familiar acquaintances.

We have to remember to order some cards from The Candlewood Grove. We loved their stained glass drawings - check out the peacock!

I got Richard a cute car book by Hot Rod artist Chad Lampert.

Our very own Binder Park Zoo was represented with some very unusual artists - the animals! Many of the animals are having fun walking through paint and making abstract prints. I asked if any of their peacocks did any work and unfortunately, they did not. I told them I sure would buy one if they did! Since my husband loves goats, I got him this cool piece. The colors in person are a lot better than this picture shows - lots of metallic hues, and even some goat hair! What a unique gift!
Jewelry artist Tracy Bell, creates with copper, glass and other recycled items. Check out her blog here, where you can see her beautiful table from Friday night, modeled after that popular display setup I've come across on Pinterest a few times. I bought one of her little leather bound book pendants. I've long admired these when I have seen them at Anthropologie and Etsy, and I love her little button closure. I plan to add a few more charms to personalize it. I already have an ink pen tip charm that I am thinking of since I love to build on a theme when it comes to jewelry.
Saturday, I had the opportunity to have a booth at a new event called Arts & Eats: A backroads tour of art, food and farms. I was at one of the stops - the Gilmore Car Museum - with other artists from The Art Center of Battle Creek. I am very familiar with Gilmore, as we make it out there several times a summer for different car shows and events. Here is the view from behind my booth, in one of the buildings we were in. Too bad Jon was out of town and couldn't enjoy it..... Kristen was such a big help to me all day - I couldn't have done it without her since we had Richard with us.

Here's a view from the front of my table (darn wrinkled fabrics). I packed light, due to my circumstances, and planned to have everything on one table. It was a slow day, but we did sell a few things and I made a good contact with the gift shop manager so there's a possibility of getting some of my automotive themed pieces in there. As with any first year event, it will take a while to build it up. I am interested to hear feedback from other locations on the tour.

I debuted my vintage suitcase display. This is my Mom's luggage that I brought back with me from Wisconsin. There is a larger suitcase, this one, and a shoe bag all in magnificent olive green! She got the set from her parents as a graduation gift. I remember it going all over with us when we traveled when I was young. I got to use this case in particular for our annual trips to Spider Lake in Hayward, WI.

In the week leading up to the show, I played around with how I was going to hang necklaces from the top. I didn't want to damage the material at all. I remembered these rings with clips we found in our basement when we moved into our house, meant for window treatments. I had always wanted to use them for a jewelry display, and had always envisioned attaching a rod to one of my old doors and having them all hang. But since I've never done that, they were perfect to turn upside down and clip onto the fabric ruffle lining. Then I just hooked the necklaces through the rings. I laid a wood tray in the bottom for more necklaces. Now that I am looking at my table, I have both of my parents represented - my Dad's old toolbox, and Mom's suitcase! And the cool thing about both pieces is that they can be packed with items to travel to the shows!

Here is Jennie Hepler-Taken's of The Prim Pumpkin with her beautiful art dolls! I was so excited to take a new pumpkin home with me - you'll see her further down.

Here is Jennie's new husband Joe, demonstrating his glass blowing. I could sit and watch forever!

And without further ado, here is my new lady making herself comfortable among the different bottles of potion on my dining room table, all ready for Halloween! Once I got her home, I kept discovering new little details!

She came with a bottle of arsenic.......

...... and upon her dress is says "and old lace"..........

She sits upon a vintage teapot, with the lid serving as her hat!

I just adore her face!

Whew! We are full filled, but exhausted from our adventures!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Rustbelt Market

So I know this post is "better late than never", so here we go with the second half of our outing to the Detroit area on October 1st.

Earlier this year, I found out about The Rustbelt Market through Melanie of Eathenwood Studio. She was going to be selling there most every weekend, and Kristen and I knew that we wanted to check it out. Here it is, on the corner of Woodward Avenue and 9 Mile in Ferndale.
A vacant store which has been turned into space that artists can rent on the weekends. Some sellers are there every weekend, as well as others coming in and out. So there is always something new to discover!

I definitely felt a "vibe" while there. An eclectic mix of handmade goods, vintage finds, and an overall feeling of helping revive Detroit.

Melanie's setup was awesome! Kristen and I both partook in her "design your own" idea, making sweet necklaces with one of her ceramic pieces layered with fun charms. (We'll have to take pictures of our creations!)

There is live music every weekend too! I tried to look online to see who this gentleman was who was playing the day we were there, but I couldn't find it. He was very good!

Richard enjoyed his lunch while listening to the music! And I love the retro furniture they had there!

And speaking of lunch, Kristen and I were getting hungry too! We asked Melanie for her recommendation, and we ended up at The Wab (Woodward Avenue Brewery). License plates lined the walls and served as the front and back covers of their menus! Everything was delish, especially their homemade root beer!

We explored a few more cute little stores, and then ended our day with cupcakes from the Cupcake Station! Yum!

What a fun (but long!) day!!! I wish I lived closer, because I'd be hanging out at Rustbelt a lot! Or even selling there! The whole idea and concept is so cool. It's great for the economy and artists both!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ghoultide Gathering

It was a chilly morning this past Saturday when Kristen, Richard and I set out for the hour and a half drive to Northville, MI for Ghoultide Gathering. After hearing about the event from our friend Jennie for a few years, this year our curiosity got the best of us and we decided to attend. Here is the line to get into Mill Race Village.

We were greeted with life size pumpkin scarecrows!
The 5th annual event was from 10-2, but die hard collectors came for the special Friday night showing from 6-9. We heard that some people lined up at 8:00 in the morning on Friday, undeterred by the rain that day!

Here's Richard and I with Jennie Hepler of The Prim Pumpkin! It's through Jennie that we had heard about the event. She is a wonderful Halloween doll artist, and recently got married. The weekend to Ghoultide was her and Joe's honeymoon! You can see Richard's pumpkin feet hanging (the socks were a gift from Jennie). They didn't allow strollers, and this was the first time I was going to use his carrier for a good length of time. He's such a laid back baby though that he did great!

They did not allow pictures inside the buildings that housed the artists, but to see some of the fabulous artwork you can follow the links on the Ghoultide site. The other historic buildings were open to tour as well. The village was surrounded by a stream and little bridges, making the setting so magical. Kristen did manage to snag a picture of this artist's sign, for the peacock feathers of course!

Getting Richard introduced to Halloween right away!

Kristen of Once Upon a Spiderweb.

The sun finally managed to break through and warm things up a bit. It was a wonderful experience for us Halloween lovers! Stay tuned for my next post that details our next stop of that October 1st Saturday: The Rustbelt Market.