Sunday, January 29, 2012

Peacock Love Forver!

This week's outfit submitted for Effortless Anthropologie.......

The Anthropologie piece here is the peacock feather skirt by Rutzou. As you can probably imagine, I have a lot of peacock clothes. So, things really need to make an impression now for me to buy them. The colors in this skirt are what did it for me. Such a departure from the usual teals, blues, green, and purples. The bright chartreuse, paired with dark grey, deep plums and a touch of pink - so pretty! A simple eggplant shell, grey cardigan, grey tights and boots (not shown). And I'll let ya in on a little secret..... the tights and cardigan are maternity! Since finding maternity tights, I will never wear regular tights again. They stay up, create a smooth silhouette, and are super comfy. I find myself wearing a lot more skirts and dresses now that I have them.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

This week's Anthro outfit: keys in fashion & home decor

Here's the outfit I submitted for the week at Effortless Anthropologie. The skirt is an older Anthro piece - an eBay find - Secret Key by the brand Odille. The necklace I am wearing (pictured below) is called Love Story by Fossil. It was another eBay find, and yes, I could make something similar myself but since I got it for a fraction of the price it was worth it to purchase it completed.

I went back in my blog history, because I knew that I have posted about keys several times before. I just think it's so cool to see them showing up in fashion, jewelry, and home decor over the past several years. You can see my posts here, here and here.

So this past week, I also did a little home decor project too. I've been obsessed with these artist printer trays from 7 gypsies. I have several stocked up, and do plan to use them for a traditional paper/mixed media/photo display. But this idea came to mind, so I jumped on it. A while back, I saw these vintage keys in the Pottery Barn catalog. When I saw similar keys in the dollar bin at Michael's, I bought them up. I painted my tray a cream color, and then distressed the edges with sandpaper. I drilled holes on each side of the key, up by their heads (not sure what the proper term is for the bigger end of a key), so that I could feed wire through in order to attach them. And viola! A very cool collection to display.

Once I made this tray, other ideas came to mind, so stayed tuned for another blog post to show the others I made to complete the series for my wall.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A day to myself.....

I work for a company that is nice enough to give us MLK day off. I look forward to it every year. It's a nice little mid-January break.... you know, after being back at work for a few weeks after the holidays and you're kinda down because winter sucks and all that jazz. My husband has never had it off, so it truly is a day to myself. Not that I don't love him dearly, but everyone needs time to themselves. To refer to an episode of Sex and the City, you need time for your SSB (secret single behavior). Carrie liked to come home and eat saltine crackers with grape jelly on them while looking at Vogue without anyone bitchin' at her. I can totally relate! And I know that many of my other artist friends can too. I've been reading many a blog with this same theme, or talking to my fellow creators.

These moments to myself are even rarer now that I am a Mom. But they are so, so important! After the crazy, busy holidays and knowing that I was going into our busiest time at work (year end close on top of upgrading our entire company's main computer program) I looked forward to this day for weeks! What was I going to do? I had to plan it carefully so that I would get as much out of it as possible. It ended up being a wonderful mix of relaxing and creating. I watched the movie "I Don't Know How She Does It" because I knew Jon wouldn't want to see it. It was cute - I just love Sarah Jessica Parker - and the theme certainly fit my new life! The creating part was not only jewelry, but a few little home decor projects (which I will show soon) and some preparation for a baby shower that is being thrown for a friend this coming Sunday.

The jewelry I made is shown below, and will be listed soon in my Etsy shop. As always, it's a mix of doing all of the things I love: some metalwork and some basic curating of elements that I feel go together. And, at the end of the day, I couldn't wait to see Richard. I was refreshed and renewed. His smile, his laugh, his little arms reaching for me...... it's everything I had hoped for and more. Thank you Dr. King..... freedom comes in many forms!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Through the Anthropologie wormhole.

I have loved Anthropologie for as long as I can remember. Over the years, I would treat myself from time to time on one of their beautiful pieces of clothing. This is after I would see it in the catalog or online and think about it for a very long time to make sure I really wanted to spend the money on it. Since there are no stores close to me (although they just opened one about an hour away from me in November - yeah!) I would stalk the website daily to make sure my size was still available, and to pour over the reviews. Other times, I would try to snag a good deal on eBay.

This past holiday season, however, I became a bit of an addict. You see, Anthro had a huge sale with an additional 50% off their super marked down clearance. I hit up the newly opened Grand Rapids, Michigan store and then the Milwaukee, Wisconsin store when we were with family for Christmas. My closet is as full of Anthro as it's ever been! Skirts and dresses for $30 or $40 each? Can't pass that up. And ever since I've had the best time mixing together outfits and accessories. And of course, continue to haunt eBay for some items I am looking for.

So while doing all of this, I got to wondering..... I was sure that there were other gals out there, just like me, who had a love of Anthro and had the best fun putting their outfits together. Or even who were in the market to buy, sell or trade. Sure enough, I found Effortless Anthropologie, a wonderful blog that had everything I was looking for! Roxy, the blog host, has weekly posts for members to post items for sale/trade or items they are looking for. There are also reviews on products, eye candy pics from different stores, and reader's outfits. On a more serious note, she also posts the company's quarterly earnings, and news such as the recent CEO resigning.

I just became a part of the weekly reader outfits with my look above. That there is the "Funneled Folds" sweater that I bought a few years ago - it has peacock feathers of course! It's layered with a shirt, belt and pants from the likes of Kohl's and Target. I plan to submit a pic every week, for as long as I can, and will share them here with you too. Even if I can't make jewelry everyday right now, I still have to get dressed everyday, right? And, my style is all a part of what inspires my jewelry anyway. I really enjoyed documenting my pregnancy style by taking pics of myself, so this is a good way to have a purpose to continue that.

Many of the readers who share have their own Anthro dedicated blogs too! And that my friends, is how you get sucked into the Anthro wormhole!