Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Latest Obsession

Keys! And anything to do with keys! I must not be alone because the Fall issue of Stringing has a feature on them. I am hoarding and collecting with plans to make an entire necklace, and of course incorporate them in other pieces. Anne Choi has just offered up her small key bead again and I ordered promptly.
I ordered the Green Girl Studios "Love is Key" connector. And here is a perfect example of how my scrapbook embellishments can spill over into the jewelry making - I just ordered these pretties too:

Still feeling stressed. I was pleasantly surprised to get the Gaea "Day of the Dead" beads I ordered in the mail yesterday. I sooooo want to get a necklace done to wear before Halloween is over and made an attempt last night to start - after class and grocery shopping and overall exhaustion. Maybe I can get it done for tomorrow??? I thought with the colors I ordered, I could also use my Joan Miller skull bead. But it seems I will be making 2 entirely different necklaces but I think I can wear them together if I make one long and one short. The look of the beads - while both artists are equally beautiful - are too different to have in one necklace.

Also, in Etsy news.... So far having the shop has been great for co-workers, classmates, etc.. to see my work without having to drag it everywhere. I am making sales by deleting the pieces people are buying that I hand delivery. So, the shop is good in that respect, but I know I need to spruce it up, advertise better, take better pictures. Any suggestions?

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