Saturday, October 4, 2008


First, I should say congrats to our friends Mark & Melissa who tied the knot yesterday. A Friday wedding is such a cool concept because it feels like a Saturday, but then you realize you have the whole rest of the weekend! I took the day off yesterday in high hopes of sleeping in after an exhausting week, and then leisurely getting ready. But alas, that was shot when my hubby announced he was taking the day off too and we had to do a last minute shopping trip for his attire. At any rate, here is a pic of the happy couple (I think they have frosting on their noses) and a shot of me and my man!

So then I looked ahead to sleeping in today, Saturday. I must be getting old because no matter how tired I may be, my body does not allow me to sleep in anymore. I remember the days of lazing in bed until 11:00 or so.... Now, if I can make it until 9:00 I am lucky! The dogs get us up early but I was always able to ease back into bed for a few more hours. I always though people who got up early when they didn't have to on the weekends were crazy. Hmmm, I guess it is nice though because you can get a lot more done and I think I've replaced sleeping in with mid-day naps, something I never used to do and don't really do often anyway because I feel guilty for not doing something creative while I have the spare time.

I ran out on a few errands this afternoon and was disappointed that I could not find the new Stringing magazine at Barnes & Noble, Michael's, or Hobby Lobby! Lorelei mentioned on her blog she already found a copy. I guess I could call Joann's tomorrow to see if they have it. I might as well subscribe to the darn thing, especially now that Michael's no longer allows you to use their coupons on books or magazines. Has anyone else noticed that yet? That reminds me to call their 800 # to voice my disappointment in that. My other disappointment came when I discovered they did not have the newest lines from Blue Moon Beads (Enchanted Planet and Global Nomad) yet. I got an email advertising the new collections and I know, I KNOW, from looking at the website that there is a peacock pendant! I want it! And some cool owl stuff. I am so anxious to see it all and create with it!

Other than that, Jon and I ran out to see the Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie. Because we have chihuahuas and are totally in love with them. It was very cute! I got some of my Halloween/Fall decor up today and plan to spend the entire day tomorrow working on jewelry. I must, for my own sanity! Stay in my pajamas, drink tea, and gaze out the window while I create! Oh wait, I think the Art Center has a event I need to go to...... And my Faerie Tale Theatre DVD's showed up today. How distracting..... MUST. FOCUS.

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Lorelei said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh I hate that when I want something like a book and can't find it anywhere! It is very very rare that my b&n were on the ball this month, and early with Stringing.
You'll find it. I wish I had a scanner, I would scan the pages in and show them on my blog! Oh that's probably illegal huh?
p.s. I love how your owl necklace turned out! So cute!