Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hard Candy

I am preparing to visit my family this weekend and go see Madonna (for the 4th time) in Chicago with my Mom on Sunday night. In honor of her latest album, titled "Hard Candy", I whipped up this necklace to wear to the show. I guess I should back up here a minute....

I got these beads at a bead store I visited last Friday on my way to that wonderful spa day I was talking about. They immediately reminded me of little candies and I liked the way they were strung - as is. Even though I contemplated different designs for days, sometimes the simplest ones are the best. I strung them on black leather, which I guess you could take for black licorice. I know I can always take them apart if I feel like making them into something different later. If you have any designs ideas, I'd love to hear about them!

It's another busy week but I am looking forward to my trip. The hubster and dogs are staying behind. I am looking forward to my Mom's roast beef and pumpkin bars. To shopping and lunching with her. To watching "Sex and the City" (again) with her. And to wearing this "Sticky and Sweet" necklace!

A few new items for sale too......

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I love this bracelet and necklace. Great designs!