Friday, October 24, 2008

Have a Great Weekend!

Well, I will be away from Blog Land for a few days. My parents have - wait, are you ready for it - dial up! Yuk! It's nice they live in a secluded area, but unfortunate that the cable company will not run lines there. And I guess the internet is not important enough to them to pay for other options. So I guess until I have a grandbaby and they need to get daily picture updates (hee, hee) we will have to deal. The only reason I might log in is to see if I won a delightful little halloween goodie off eBay. If I win it, I will share what it is.....

It has been another crazy week! I get stressed out as it is when I know I am going somewhere, trying to remember things that need to get done or things I need to take with me. Then I had a test in one of my classes I had to study for, but had to take it during my lunch hour yesterday because I could not attend class last night. I had to attend the Art Center's Annual Meeting where I was elected Treasurer. Lots of exciting things to look forward to there at the Art Center.... They are celebrating the Day of the Dead next week, and I am bummed Jon and I won't be able to attend. It's on Thursday night and we both have class.

Since I don't have any other exciting news, I will leave you with pics of Mocha in past Halloween costumes. I can't wait to share their costumes for this year next week. Biscuit has some catching up to do so I actually have 2 costumes for him! Now don't go calling the Humane Society on me yet if you think this is dog abuse - Mocha gets rewarded quite well with treats and it's amazing what a good poser she has become over the years! The look on her face is too funny - it's like, "Yeah lady, I know what to do. Just get it over with." She is such a good sport all for her Mom's love of Halloween! We have had a witch, pumpkin, mummy (yup, that's toilet paper - to go with the Egyptian theme), and of course a peacock!!! Enjoy!

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