Saturday, May 30, 2015

Scarf Shirt

This scarf that I bought at Anthropologie last summer is just too pretty to wear like a normal scarf - bunched up, tied, wrapped - plus it is HUGE! So I let it just be but belted it for some sort of silhouette. I wore this exact scarf, belt and shoes for our maternity photos so here I am just switching out the dress for jeans and a tee!

Navy Tee - Meijer
Hi Rise Jeggings - American Eagle (AE)
Provo Oversized Scarf - Anthropologie
Quadrivium Belt - Anthropologie
Seychelles Departure Wedges - Anthropologie
Apt 9 Aviators - Kohl's

Monday, May 25, 2015


Saturday was one of those "perfect days". It was one of those days where everything just went so well and you get the feeling like the stars are aligned just so to make it that way. I know everyone has a different idea of what their "perfect day" would be, but mine usually consists of similar things even if not all of them happen every single time:

gorgeous weather

getting out of the house with a few errands you need to do but no real "agenda" or strict schedule

finding some unexpected treasures during said errands

spending time with loved ones

nap (this is a rare one)

making a delicious meal

getting some projects done around the house (a.k.a. feeling somewhat in control of chaos)
 Jon was racing for the day, so the boys and I had the day to ourselves. Our first stop was to the train station downtown so I could take these blog pictures. I think it's going to be one of my favorite locations for pictures now! It's called Whistlestop so of course it makes me think of the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes", but you can read the real history here. I had taken pictures of 2 different days last week that, once I got home, I decided were not good enough to use so when pictures do work out it makes me really happy! Blogging really is a lot of time, dedication, and sometimes disappointment so that just shows how passionate I am to keep trying. And yes, I do feel just as comfortable running errands in a dress as I do jeans. I could live in dresses!
 Next, we walked to the barber shop to get Richard's haircut. Then we stopped at the few little resale shops in town. I found the coolest vintage globe on a stand. I'll be doing a post soon on my recent obsession with collecting globes, and this one is by far the biggest (it's about 3 feet tall) and this is the second globe I've found at this store.
 Then we went to the library which is something we do a lot of Saturday mornings. We found the most beautiful book about birds which of course had a peacock in it. We were the first people to rent it out. I will show it in an upcoming post as well.
Lunch at Panera and then getting a few groceries at Meijer.
 We came home and organized some things around the house and then once Daddy got home we made a nice dinner. I tend to remember days and moments like this, especially when I can be reminded of them when I look at the things I find on these days (like the globe).
 Gap Jean Jacket - Consignment Shop
 Seychelles Wedges - Anthropologie
 Apt 9 Aviators - Kohl's
Belt - taken off another dress

Monday, May 18, 2015

Sole Searching

As much as my closet is a “revolving door” – meaning, I always seem to be bringing in new, getting rid of old – I have my tried and true favorites that are with me forever. Or at least as long as they can be. And then, I try to replace them if I need to. Now that I think about it, these items are usually footwear related. After all, they are the items we are the hardest on. The sandal on the left I got about 6 years ago I am estimating (Candies from Kohl’s) and I just love them! Their neutral color make them go with almost anything, and they have some embellishment for interest. But, they are getting really ready to retire (the soles mostly). Imagine my excitement when I found a similar pair at Meijer while grocery shopping! That is the one on the right. All of their sandals were 40% off (which is unusual for so early in the season) plus I had a coupon for a percentage off my entire purchase. The straps are a bit different, but still pretty darn close! Isn’t it funny how the strap placement makes my foot on the right look longer? Or leaner maybe? Yeah, let’s go with leaner.

And, since I’ve chronicled my other foot injuries on here, I figured I would share the latest as well. Sorry to gross you out. This happened about a month or so ago……. I have come to the conclusion that my left foot really hates me. It’s the foot that had the ingrown toenail while pregnant with Richard. The foot that got twisted last summer while pregnant with Carson. And now, I jammed the pinky toe on the kitchen island while running around like a crazy person (i.e. trying to do everything) one evening. I saw stars. I said some words I would not like my 4 year old to repeat. I am pretty sure I broke it. But, I knew there was nothing I could have done for it that I couldn’t do myself. Lots of alternating ice and soaking every night. Lots of shades of eggplant and levels of swelling. And then I had a very small selection of shoes/sandals that I could actually wear. Ugh! Feels like I just went through that with my swollen feet from pregnancy! It is much better now, but still hurts if I step a certain way or wear certain shoes, though a much larger selection as before. At the risk of sounding vain, do our feet get uglier as we get older? I sure feel like they do! But then again, look at how much we expect from them! How much abuse they get. My feet went back to normal after Richard, but it’s a different story this time around (and it’s not just the feet)! Sigh.

Last summer, I had posted about how I was trying to replace my beloved black wedges (Unlisted “Webpage” #1). Months and months later, here is the update: Found a great deal on #2. Got them. Tried them on. Quickly realized they would be what I describe as “killers”. Returned them. Ordered #3. Got them. Tried them on. Yep, these are “killers” too. Returned them. Ordered option #4. The verdict is still out on these. I have worn them a few times and it’s still too soon to tell if their new shoes “pain” is going to go away or get broken in. Also, they seem narrow so I feel like my foot looks “stuffed” into them. So I guess you could say the hunt is still on? Oh how I miss my originals, which I pitched before we moved. Seriously, they were nasty but it still makes me sad. Hopefully the perfect pair will come along!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mod Bird

The print on this dress looks like flowers, but upon closer inspection it is actually really mod looking peacocks! It's like no other peacock print I've ever had!
 So yeah, Anthropologie is selling this as a dress - ha! It's more like a tunic in my opinion. The first time I wore it, I wore leggings and still felt very uncomfortable. So out came my high rise black jeggings.
 A few other things to know in case you are interested in getting one yourself (it comes in a yellow floral print too). The slip it comes with is pretty much useless. I used my own black tank under it. Also, it runs HUGE! I took a small AND belted it. 
 The weather still can't decide what it wants to do, so I had to throw on a jacket. Sigh. Shades and my other "go to" sandals and I'm out the door. I wore this to work today.
Black Hi Rise Jeggings : AE
Rampage "Jabari" Sandals : Meijer
Gap Jean Jacket : Consignment Shop
Belt : Target
Jessica Simpson Sunglasses : TJ Maxx

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The story goes on.....

So remember the story of this dress from last Summer? The saga continues. I know you are waiting with baited breath, right? (God, I hope people get my sense of humor.)

I hadn't given up on this dress. I wondered how many people were able to purchase it before Anthropologie yanked it, and hoping that someone with my size would tire of it and put it up for sale on eBay or one of the trade markets. Well, all of a sudden, one day eBay was flooded with them. This told me that Anthropologie sent the stock to a discount retailer to sell. One of the sellers was nice enough to tell me they purchased theirs at TJ Maxx. Off I go!
If you are a TJ Maxx shopper, you know that not all of the stores get the same thing. Anthropologie tends to send their stuff to bigger cities, and thank goodness I live closer to one now! I found my long lost dress in Ann Arbor for $29.99 (originally retailed for $178).
Oh Gosh do I love it! The colors and embroidery are so pretty. The fit is flattering. Even though in my post from last Summer I had found the Mara Hoffman version, I kinda like this one better. Shhhh, don't tell the other dress!
I wore this to work on Monday. I layered a tank under it because I felt the v-neck was a little much for the office, and of course a jacket over it. Same as the model shot, I put on a little brown belt and my "go to" Seychelles wedges. Throw on a necklace I made and done!
This is further proof that my closet is years in the making - lots of patience - waiting - investigation - searching. It's just what I love to do!

I also wore it to the zoo last Saturday. It was like a mid-summer day (gotta love the weather here). I wore some flat sandals that day for all of the walking. I usually wear some kind of animal print when we go to the zoo, so I was showing the animals on it to Richard as I was getting ready. He goes "But those aren't zoo animals"! Oh, okay. Thanks buddy. He still said I looked pretty though so I forgive him.
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Monday, May 11, 2015

Latest Consignment Finds

I've been having some good luck at my favorite consignment shops lately (plus, one new one). You'll be seeing these pieces in outfits I am sure, but I was eager to share now. I've come to find that when I consignment shop, I usually walk away with one special piece at a time. It's unusual for me to find a ton at one time but I'm not saying it can't happen for you - this is just my pattern. 

I would love to make the rounds to all of the Goodwill and thrift stores, but my lifestyle does not allow enough time right now for those kind of hunts. So when you enter a consignment shop, you do pay a bit more but I like to think of it as paying the owner to do the work of the hunt for you. To curate a collection of unique items, whether she goes to the thrift stores herself and/or selects from items her consignors bring in. Let's see what I found, shall we?

What: Floral Spring Jacket
Where: Kraze in Marshall, MI
Price: $25
Who can resist a cute Spring jacket? I've seen this floral pattern over the years and always loved it. I finally figured out it is navy blue (it looks so black sometimes). I don't wear a lot of navy for this exact reason, but I can make an exception!
What: Lilly Pulitzer for Target Maxi Dress
Where: Jill's Addiction in Marshall, MI
Price: $31
You may or may not know that famous designer Lilly Pulitzer did a collaboration with Target this Spring. I've talked about designer collabs here before. Target got a lot of criticism as the collection sold out online and in stores within hours and of course, people had taken to eBay as escalated prices. I happen to be at a Target later in the day that it came out (I had to go there anyway) and was thinking I'd be able to shop some of the items. Nope, wrong. I was interested, but obviously not enough to stand in line like it was Black Friday! So the next weekend, I was at Jill's and she is a huge Lilly lover! She had purchased items to sell at her shop for only a small profit. This dress retailed for $26, so I don't mind paying Jill $5 for her efforts. It's actually an XL from the girl's section but fits like a charm! Her store is not just clothing - it's tons of vintage fun and I highly recommend it to anyone!
What: Classic Birkenstocks
Where: Morgan's Consignment in Chelsea, MI
Price: $30
I know I've talked about how thrilled I am that Birkenstocks have had their "comeback" last summer, and that almost any brand/store has their own version (I even got sucked into a pair from Target last year). But there is nothing like the original! And these babies are like brand new! They've only been worn once, if at all! Birks retail for $100 and up, so $30 is an awesome price! This little shop used to be Shabby Chic Consignments (where I found a few gems over the Winter) but they changed their name with their move to downtown. I am really excited about their new location! This store too features furniture and household items.
What: Mossimo Floral Blouse
Where: Angie's Attic in Jackson, MI
Price: $10
This was my first time to Angie's upon a friends recommendation. There are floral prints, and then there are floral prints. I've been drawn to "dark" florals lately (post on that coming), and this top was new with tags! It retailed for $22. No brainer! This store too features furniture and home decor (lots of handmade).
I hope posts like this help to make anyone believe that there is good stuff to be found! I know a lot of people can be turned off by used clothes, but as you can see here, 3 of the items I scored are brand new (2 even have tags on them)! I so enjoy building my closet with a mix of new, used and in between!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Florals

I couldn't wait for it to get warm so I could wear this top. I had gotten it in the dead of Winter, which is truly a testament to finding deals during off seasons. Anthropologie was having their extra 40% off sale items, and I decided to make the trek to 2 of the Detroit area stores I had not been to yet to check them out : Birmingham and Troy. When these sales are going on, it is best to go to a physical store because a lot of stuff is sold out online. Plus, you never know what might be hiding in the racks. 
 The boys and I headed out for the day. It was a little over an hour to get to Birmingham, a cute little downtown that I would love to explore more now that the weather isn't so bitter! The store in Troy is inside the "fancy" mall there (Somerset Collection) which was about another 15 minutes away. This is where the likes of Neiman Marcus, Saks 5th Avenue, and such are located for the city. I hadn't been to this mall since I first moved to Michigan about 12 years ago. Their "theme" or "logo" has always been peacock related, and we enjoyed some peacock decor in the food court that day.
 I found this top - the only one they had - stuffed in a rack. The brand is Zimmerman, one that Anthropologie has long carried. Their pieces are gorgeous, but their price tags are never within my realm. For instance, this top retailed for $360 (see link here). Yep, you read that right. I never thought they would make it marked down enough for me before selling out.
 I will admit, it really is a high end garment. The material, craftsmanship and details are excellent so by no means am I knocking the price or trying to compare it to something you would find at Kohl's. I felt incredibly lucky that it fit me and was marked down to $89.95. With the extra 40% off, made it about $54. This is the only way I would ever be able to afford something like this and when you look at the whole picture it is so worth it to own a designer piece like this.
 The Details:

Zimmerman "Tarra" Peasant Top - Anthropologie
Button Necklace - made by me
Hi Rise Jeggings - American Eagle
Bussola "Ibiza" Sandals - Kohl's (retail $110, bought for $22)
 Where? Friday jeans day at work.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Made For Each Other

Remember my $6 necklace from last Fall? I have worn it with so many things.... the latest of which is this maxi dress. When I brought this dress home and saw it with the necklace, I was speechless. I couldn't ask for a more perfect match! Funny how things like that work out and sometimes it can be years in the making. I had a lot of people comment on this today and it was fun to tell the story.
And remember my Seychelles sandals from last year? They have been my "go to" sandal so far this Spring. It is either between them and this black pair (also from last summer) every. single. day. When I see a pattern like this, it almost makes me want to pare down all of my sandals to simplify things. Almost.
So there you have it.... sometimes the most unexpected and/or cheapest finds can be huge staples in your wardrobe. A $6 necklace. Sandals for $7.50. My first chambray top that I initially rebelled against but now own like 4 more!
So let's talk about the dress. A few weeks ago, Anthropologie was having a dress sale and I decided to treat myself. I couldn't help but love this beauty with it's colors and pattern. A little geometric, a little peacock, a lot comfy!
The details:

Maeve "Noetzie" maxi dress - Anthropologie
Seychelles "Departure" sandals - Anthropologie
Anthropologie "Clifton Strands" necklace - TJ Maxx
Nine West blouse - TJ Maxx
Jessica Simpson sunglasses - TJ Maxx

Wore to work, and then took the kids to the park in the evening.

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