Monday, May 18, 2015

Sole Searching

As much as my closet is a “revolving door” – meaning, I always seem to be bringing in new, getting rid of old – I have my tried and true favorites that are with me forever. Or at least as long as they can be. And then, I try to replace them if I need to. Now that I think about it, these items are usually footwear related. After all, they are the items we are the hardest on. The sandal on the left I got about 6 years ago I am estimating (Candies from Kohl’s) and I just love them! Their neutral color make them go with almost anything, and they have some embellishment for interest. But, they are getting really ready to retire (the soles mostly). Imagine my excitement when I found a similar pair at Meijer while grocery shopping! That is the one on the right. All of their sandals were 40% off (which is unusual for so early in the season) plus I had a coupon for a percentage off my entire purchase. The straps are a bit different, but still pretty darn close! Isn’t it funny how the strap placement makes my foot on the right look longer? Or leaner maybe? Yeah, let’s go with leaner.

And, since I’ve chronicled my other foot injuries on here, I figured I would share the latest as well. Sorry to gross you out. This happened about a month or so ago……. I have come to the conclusion that my left foot really hates me. It’s the foot that had the ingrown toenail while pregnant with Richard. The foot that got twisted last summer while pregnant with Carson. And now, I jammed the pinky toe on the kitchen island while running around like a crazy person (i.e. trying to do everything) one evening. I saw stars. I said some words I would not like my 4 year old to repeat. I am pretty sure I broke it. But, I knew there was nothing I could have done for it that I couldn’t do myself. Lots of alternating ice and soaking every night. Lots of shades of eggplant and levels of swelling. And then I had a very small selection of shoes/sandals that I could actually wear. Ugh! Feels like I just went through that with my swollen feet from pregnancy! It is much better now, but still hurts if I step a certain way or wear certain shoes, though a much larger selection as before. At the risk of sounding vain, do our feet get uglier as we get older? I sure feel like they do! But then again, look at how much we expect from them! How much abuse they get. My feet went back to normal after Richard, but it’s a different story this time around (and it’s not just the feet)! Sigh.

Last summer, I had posted about how I was trying to replace my beloved black wedges (Unlisted “Webpage” #1). Months and months later, here is the update: Found a great deal on #2. Got them. Tried them on. Quickly realized they would be what I describe as “killers”. Returned them. Ordered #3. Got them. Tried them on. Yep, these are “killers” too. Returned them. Ordered option #4. The verdict is still out on these. I have worn them a few times and it’s still too soon to tell if their new shoes “pain” is going to go away or get broken in. Also, they seem narrow so I feel like my foot looks “stuffed” into them. So I guess you could say the hunt is still on? Oh how I miss my originals, which I pitched before we moved. Seriously, they were nasty but it still makes me sad. Hopefully the perfect pair will come along!

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