Monday, May 11, 2015

Latest Consignment Finds

I've been having some good luck at my favorite consignment shops lately (plus, one new one). You'll be seeing these pieces in outfits I am sure, but I was eager to share now. I've come to find that when I consignment shop, I usually walk away with one special piece at a time. It's unusual for me to find a ton at one time but I'm not saying it can't happen for you - this is just my pattern. 

I would love to make the rounds to all of the Goodwill and thrift stores, but my lifestyle does not allow enough time right now for those kind of hunts. So when you enter a consignment shop, you do pay a bit more but I like to think of it as paying the owner to do the work of the hunt for you. To curate a collection of unique items, whether she goes to the thrift stores herself and/or selects from items her consignors bring in. Let's see what I found, shall we?

What: Floral Spring Jacket
Where: Kraze in Marshall, MI
Price: $25
Who can resist a cute Spring jacket? I've seen this floral pattern over the years and always loved it. I finally figured out it is navy blue (it looks so black sometimes). I don't wear a lot of navy for this exact reason, but I can make an exception!
What: Lilly Pulitzer for Target Maxi Dress
Where: Jill's Addiction in Marshall, MI
Price: $31
You may or may not know that famous designer Lilly Pulitzer did a collaboration with Target this Spring. I've talked about designer collabs here before. Target got a lot of criticism as the collection sold out online and in stores within hours and of course, people had taken to eBay as escalated prices. I happen to be at a Target later in the day that it came out (I had to go there anyway) and was thinking I'd be able to shop some of the items. Nope, wrong. I was interested, but obviously not enough to stand in line like it was Black Friday! So the next weekend, I was at Jill's and she is a huge Lilly lover! She had purchased items to sell at her shop for only a small profit. This dress retailed for $26, so I don't mind paying Jill $5 for her efforts. It's actually an XL from the girl's section but fits like a charm! Her store is not just clothing - it's tons of vintage fun and I highly recommend it to anyone!
What: Classic Birkenstocks
Where: Morgan's Consignment in Chelsea, MI
Price: $30
I know I've talked about how thrilled I am that Birkenstocks have had their "comeback" last summer, and that almost any brand/store has their own version (I even got sucked into a pair from Target last year). But there is nothing like the original! And these babies are like brand new! They've only been worn once, if at all! Birks retail for $100 and up, so $30 is an awesome price! This little shop used to be Shabby Chic Consignments (where I found a few gems over the Winter) but they changed their name with their move to downtown. I am really excited about their new location! This store too features furniture and household items.
What: Mossimo Floral Blouse
Where: Angie's Attic in Jackson, MI
Price: $10
This was my first time to Angie's upon a friends recommendation. There are floral prints, and then there are floral prints. I've been drawn to "dark" florals lately (post on that coming), and this top was new with tags! It retailed for $22. No brainer! This store too features furniture and home decor (lots of handmade).
I hope posts like this help to make anyone believe that there is good stuff to be found! I know a lot of people can be turned off by used clothes, but as you can see here, 3 of the items I scored are brand new (2 even have tags on them)! I so enjoy building my closet with a mix of new, used and in between!

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