Saturday, August 26, 2017

Painted Rocks

 It sounds like the painted rock phenomenon is all over and not just in our part of Michigan? While I was taking photos for this post a few weeks ago, Richard found a painted rock which prompted us to paint our own. While we were out hiding them, and hunting for more, I took the opportunity to get some more blog photos in. Kill two birds with one stone..... ha, what a pun, right!
 Here's the rocks we painted to hide. The only one I really had a say in was the peacock feather. Carson wanted some pigs (his favorite animal) so I helped him with those. He also wanted a cake!
 I recently picked up this little swing tank on the Anthropologie buy/sell/trade board. The top part has some pretty embroidery, and I love how colorful it is.
 I actually took a break from my usual favorite brown sandals when I remembered I had these that would match the green in the top.

 We found three rocks, one of which was right up on the window shelf of the wall I am standing by. There are no set rules to this, but the general guidelines people follow is they re-hide what they find, paint their own to find, or just keep the ones they've found. There is a Facebook page to post on for our area, and it's been fun to follow as ours are found. I am sure there will be more rock painting, hiding and finding in our future!
 One September "Larkspur" Tank - Anthropologie via buy/sell/trade board
Mossimo Sandals - Target
Jessica Simpson Sunglasses - TJ Maxx

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Mourning Summer

This striped peacock tee reminds me of being pregnant with Carson, because that same Summer I found a striped giraffe tee and striped camel tee at Kohl's as well! Also, I found this comfy striped wrap at the same time. Ahhh, no I am not pregnant nor do I plan to be. Anyway, I really liked mixing these contrasting stripes to add some interest to a somewhat basic outfit. 

I like the tie sleeve detail for some interest as well!
I feel like I am already mourning Summer.... School started again yesterday and there has been a chill in the air (especially at night). I know we will still have some beautiful days, and even though we had a fun packed Summer, it always seems there are things I am still longing to do. Some of the things on this list (not all), I will just plain say, are difficult to do with young children in tow. I know it will get easier, but for now here is my list of what I feel I am missing about Summer:
1. Garage / Estate Sales: it's hard to get kids in and out of the car over and over again, especially when you have to park on the side of busy roads. Plus, they will want you to buy them something at every stop.
2. Local Outdoor Concerts: When we lived in Battle Creek, we were really good about going to the weekly Friday night music in the park even with a baby Richard. Chelsea has something similar on Thursday nights but we have yet to go. Hard to get back out the door with kids on a weeknight after working all day!
3. Eating Outside: either at home or restaurant

4. Farmer's Markets: I've gone to our local one a few times this year. Even though I don't buy much (because we do Blue Apron and it seems anything else I buy we don't use up before it goes bad) I still love seeing/buying fresh flowers and handmade items (like baked goods, jams, etc....). And, I just love the atmosphere!
Is there anything you are "missing" this Summer?
Sonoma Peacock Graphic Tee : Kohl's
Striped Wrap : Meijer (old)
High Rise Jeans : American Eagle (old)
Candies Sandals : Kohl's (old)

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Shoe Shopping at Big Box Stores

OMG, I started this post last Spring and never finished it. And now, as boots are starting to reappear in stores, I figured it would still be relevant and helpful to finish it! So here goes......
So, as much as I will always and forever be a 90's mall rat, I barely ever set foot inside a mall anymore. Hence, I don't have much access to department store or specialty shoe stores. I've come to realize that most of my footwear now comes from stores I am already at for other things, like Target and Meijer. Thank goodness stores like that are upping their game and keeping up with the trends. Without further ado, below are some examples of shoes I have purchased that are far more budget friendly than their counterparts!
Dolce Vita is a brand that is carried by Anthropologie and other high end department stores. Lucky for us, they have come out with their "dv" line which is sold at Target and perhaps more places I don't know about. So on the left above, you have the Haku mule bootie which retailed for around $100. On the right, is the Target version which I purchased for $34.99 in grey. When I bought these last Fall, I remember they also came in black and tan. This year, Target is carrying the Lori Mule at the same price point but it only looks like one color offering so far.
Another favorite Target "dv" purchase from last year was the Jameson Side Zip Boot, on the right, which was $37.99. Target is still stocking this style and it also comes in black. However, I see that Meijer has a very similar boot that just came out as well - I just hadn't checked the details yet. I wear these boots so, so much that I will probably invest in a backup pair. The richer Dolce Vita Jaeger on the left retails for $110.
On the left, you have Sole Society's Tamara Cross Strap Pump for $69.99. On the right, you have Liz Claiborne's Keegan Pump for $44.99 at JC Penney plus any extra coupons you might have (like I did when I bought them). I rarely wear heels like this, but I must say these were comfy all day from the get go! 

On the left, you have Freebird's Stair booties. Doing a quick search for them, their price can range from $150 to $200. On the right is a Massini bootie from Meijer that is an exact match! I think I paid around $35 when I bought these. And speaking of Meijer, check out the comparison below. On the left is Aerosoles Cyberspace which retailed for about $60-$80 on their own site and department stores when they came out. The "renamed" them Backspace to be sold at discounts retailers. Meijer's original price was $40 but they are now lingering in the clearance isle for $25 I believe. They come in the stormy blue color that I got as well as black and brown.
 I hope you enjoyed this post and will be inspired to check out the shoe section the next time you are shopping at one of these stores. It goes without saying, that the expensive versions of these are leather or suede, so you are sacrificing those materials for the cheaper versions. However, this may work in your favor if you are vegan or prefer synthetic materials. All of these purchases I've made have held up wonderfully to my busy lifestyle!