Saturday, June 21, 2014

World Giraffe Day

We're kind of in love with giraffes over here...... I've had my fill of new long necked items coming into my home this past week, as well as saw a ton of women's clothes at just 2 stores! So in honor of World Giraffe Day, I thought it appropriate to do a post.
Maybe it all started with the nursery? I don't know. Or maybe so many trips to the zoo? At any rate, giraffes are Richard's favorite animal and I have been won over as well. I wore 2 giraffe themed outfits last summer (here and here) and like I mentioned, have stumbled across even more pieces that might make their way into the mix. So far, only the tee below has been purchased, but I will list out my other finds in case you are interested.
White Reversible Tank - Motherhood Maternity
Cuffed Jeans - Motherhood Maternity
Since this is a non-maternity tee, I had to layer one of my maternity tanks underneath it to make it long enough. Kohl's also had this super cute option by Sonoma. And, I should mention that both options do not only have giraffe prints - there are other animals for both styles!

So that was Kohl's. The next stop I made yesterday was Macy's, and this is what I found there:
Alfani Sleeveless Top
I thought it was so odd that I found so many giraffe things in one day and just two stops! The universe was obviously telling me something.
Last Saturday, this fellow became part of our family. We are working on potty training here, and we told Richard that once he filled up his sticker chart, he could go pick out whatever he wanted at the toy store. He kept telling us he wanted a big giraffe, and he wasn't joking.

 Last, I thought I'd include some pictures from the zoo(s) from this summer. I usually post ones of us feeding the giraffes lettuce. The signs for the zoo around town have giraffes on them, so every time we see one Richard starts talking about them!
Statue at Binder Park Zoo
 Sculpture at Potter Park Zoo
 Carousel at Binder Park Zoo
Happy World Giraffe Day!


GnomeLover said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

That top is so cute on you! I love that you can wear it after pregnancy, too. And those shoes make it so stylish! I love it!

Your son is so cute! I love him with his big giraffe. That is so sweet. He really did know what he wanted! I cannot believe they actually had that. He must have been so excited! You are such a good mom!

I cannot wait for you to find out the gender this week!!!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Giraffes are the best. : ) Love that top.