Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Peacock Nails

 When I was in grade school, I used to obsess about having long nails. Mine never were. I remember my friends and I using the Lee Press on Nails, which, never stayed on. Right after high school, I worked at a salon where I could get all of my services for free! So, I had artificial nail tips at that time. Now, I am content with my nails and I rarely EVER paint them or have a manicure. My toes on the other hand? Those HAVE to be done during sandal season!

A few years ago, I discovered nail wraps. The first company I saw come out with them was Avon and they were solid colors. I skeptically ordered them from a lady at work. And they were pretty great! No drying time and they lasted a really long time. Since then, more and more brands are coming out with them and of course I have gathered all of the peacock patterns I have found thus far. I should add that I have not been endorsed by any of these companies, and my opinions are my own.
From left to right, the imPRESS ones are actually like the old press on nails. I have not tried them yet. The Kiss ones I have tried, and even put one on my big toe and then painted all of my other toes white. Last are two color schemes from Jamberry, which you have to order from a consultant.
The other night I decided to go with the Jamberry ones in the blue tones. The difference with these, versus other ones I have tried, is they say to warm them up with a hair dryer first to help the adhesive. Here is what the wrap looks like when you first put it on.
I take my nail file and start filing where my nail ends to get rid of the excess material.
The Jamberry ones are so long (again, different from the other ones I have tried) that I think I will be able to get 2 uses out of one strip. They are rounded on both ends and that is probably how they were designed with that in mind.
That's it! Pretty easy. Sometimes, I put a clear coat over for extra protection, but it is not necessary. I wasn't in the mood for anything too fancy the other night, so I just went with putting them on all of my nails. It does get a little busy though, so like I mentioned with my toe example I might just put it on one nail (probably my ring finger) and then paint the others a coordinating color. You can even cut shapes out of them if you want to get really creative!

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Those are so cool! I have never tried the nail wraps before. I definitely am going to now. And they look really easy. I need easy.

Also, you have fabulous nails. I would never paint them either. Seriously. My nails never look like that.

Thank you for sharing. I am excited about the possibilities!