Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Magic of it All

My week is ending on a very high note! But let me tell ya, getting through it was tough.
 *disclaimer* I bribed him with Playdoh because he did not want to go outside and take pictures at this point in his day.

I always strive to be a positive when it comes to social media. But, there are moments when you need to be brutally honest. And in those moments, you hope that people can nod their head and think, "OMG, I can so relate to that!" I know I do with many of the blogs I read.
For the most part, our household runs like a well oiled machine. For the past 12 years, there has been an unspoken agreement regarding what chores each of us take on. I take care of dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc..... Jon takes care of the yard, pool, vehicles, home maintenance, etc..... But by no means are we a gender specific couple. I have been known to hop on the John Deere and mow the grass. Jon is a much better cook than I am, and I don't mind turning the kitchen over to him. You get the idea.
That being said, there are periods of time when the tasks of one spouse outweigh those of the other. Especially when they are seasonal. Or, when your husband commutes 3 hours a day and you seem to be in charge of EVERYTHING.
Please remember, that I am hormonal.
Like I said before, my online personality would make it seem like I just breeze through my days, taking pictures of outfits and such. And, sometimes it is like that. The days are so busy, they blend into each other and you are so caught up in what needs to be done at that moment that you forget about the bigger things. Those stresses that are always looming in the back of your mind.
But, they are bound to surface from time to time. And that's what happened this week.
Our lives have been in this sort of limbo since this time last year, when Jon was first interviewing for a different job. Planning a move. But then a twist gets thrown in with my job. Now that is settled. Are we going forward with a move or not? With a baby on the way?
I don't think it has fully sunk in yet that I will be leaving the company I have been with for 10 years, so that is part of it. Along with increasing office life irritants that I try not to get too worked up about because in 5 months, none of it will matter anyway. Jon was later than usual this week, and it seems like toddlers and dogs can sense that. We are in the final stages of potty training, and Richard has been wearing real underwear all week which has caused extra laundry. The last detail I should add is that Jon is rebuilding the engine in his rally car. Anyone who has a husband with passionate hobbies knows that they can be consumed by them.  
One night in particular, both dogs rolled in something as soon as I got home. (Our wooded yard with bunnies, deer, raccoons, turkeys, etc... provide plenty of fun things for them to find). They both required a bath and while doing that, Richard filled his pants. Once I got that all cleaned up we settle down to dinner where Richard's requests were never ending. When I finally got him into bed, I collapsed on the couch. Jon got home and was fussing in the kitchen. He had no idea how my night had been yet. I thought, "If he starts yapping about his engine, I might clobber him."
What was he doing? He had stopped at the store and bought sparkling grape juice and was mixing fruit into it since I can't have my favorite summer drink : sangria. Upon handing me a glass of "fauxgria", he said that he booked me a prenatal massage on Saturday. I started crying. I told him about my day and he just comforted me. The next morning, he took Richard to daycare (dropoffs and pickups have mostly been on me with his commute).
So there you have it. That magic when you need it most. Just when you think your significant other has no idea what you have to deal with..... they do. I feel bad for thinking "all he has to do is go to work and back" and I often forget how stressful his job is and how I wouldn't want to drive so much every day! By no means am I complaining about parenting or marriage - because I truly love my life - but we all need to vent now and again. And I like to reread these stories later to remember and realize how lucky I am. Maybe someday I will share a story from 2011 when Jon was away on a business trip.... in a nutshell, Richard was a baby and was filling his pants so much - in his bouncy seat - that he and the bouncy seat needed a bath. While bathing him, one of the dogs tried to roll in the poopy laundry pile and then later, that same dog ate my pizza right off my plate when I wasn't looking. Two pieces of pizza and 2 breadsticks, gone in seconds! We love to laugh about that story now.
So much of my life for the past 3 years has revolved around poop. And I don't see it ended anytime soon.
So let's get to the good stuff! Friday morning was our ultrasound appointment, and I was very nostalgic remembering the same moment with my first pregnancy. It seems just like yesterday! I treasure these special moments that Jon and I share..... holding hands in the darkened room, the tears, the joy. Coming up with a special way to show Richard he was going to have a baby brother!
My massage is later today.
Tomorrow, we are going to look at houses again. I really hope our move is finally happening this time, because I know so many of these little problems will be solved when Jon is closer to work and we are settled.
We have a wonderful family vacation planned this week, with 4th of July plans to end it.
This summer feels like a second babymoon - we are doing so many fun things with Richard before the new baby comes. We've gone to the zoo 3 times, a Steam Train fair, sprint car races. And it seems like it is just beginning.
Oh, I hope this massage is good today. I'd better start getting ready..... uh, hang on, someone just informed me they pooped in their pants.


GnomeLover said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

First, a baby boy! Congratulations! I am so excited for you. And now you can reuse clothes, too. That is such a wonderful thing. And Richard is so cute holding that sign.

I love that your husband made you a fauxgria. That is just the sweetest. AND booked you a massage?! I hope it was awesome.

I am sorry you are going through a stressful time. I hope the house thing gets settled. I cannot imagine living in the uncertainty and not knowing. That just has to be horrendous. You are so strong to be able to do that. It will work out, but the in between sucks. Yesterday, I had my lowest day I have ever had as a mother. So, you are not alone.

Potty training is hard. Those dumb pullups are such a scam. They pretty much are diaper underwear and prolong the whole potty training. My son took forever to potty train. He was so stubborn. So, one day, I made him be naked all day. Within six hours,it was done. But, I hear ya. I hope you get a reprieve from poop for a bit until the baby comes.

I also hope all of this lifts away and is solved soon. Enjoy your vacation!


Kacie Ellis said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Well worth the bribe to get him to tale these pictures because they are adorable! I love the bottom one!

Whimsical Preppy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh, my, my! Don't feel bad about venting because real life is hard. I think you have a good balance going on. That was sweet of your husband to make the special drink and book the massage in the nick of time. Remember to take breaks as you continue through the pregnancy and the move. Moving is stressful so keep breathing and doing the fun things. It will be great when you are finally in your new home with the new baby.
Have a relaxing day,