Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Anthropologie Jewelry - Buy, Make, or Save?

I have really been admiring Anthropologie's jewelry lately. So today, I have three options for you. The first 2 necklaces are by Lenora Dame. While I do appreciate that Anthro is bringing us these pieces at a lower price than Ms. Dame's website ($78 and $88 versus $105), I do fear that I will eventually see these at TJ Maxx. I have seen so much Lenora Dame at TJ Maxx over the past year, with one of my finds being posted here. But anyway, on to the options!

Here we have the Starlight Mesa Necklace. Friendship bracelets have emerged again recently, and pairing them with polished pearls is just genius in my book. I brainstormed for quite a bit on how I could recreate this necklace myself. Even though I still have all of my floss from making bracelets when I was 10, I would not recall how to actually make them. Then, I thought of buying premade bracelets and gluing them onto the wood disk beads. Lastly, I thought of a skill I did know how to do - peyote stitch. I could make beaded beads in the aztec patterns (see example of peyote here). But, when looking at my stash of delica beads, I didn't have these bright colors. Plus, that would take FOREVER!!!! In the end, I decided to buy the necklace. It's one that you will want to purchase in person if possible so you can pick the best colors to your liking.
This is the Moonlight Mesa Necklace, the one I did decide to make myself as I already had all of the materials on hand. Here's a good example of another bohemian design I've made with these same supplies. I was glad that I could personalize this (the peacock fabric). For my focal piece, I glued 3 wood rings I had together so it would be thick enough to adhere the feather ribbon to. The large wood round beads I got at Joann's and I love that they have an iridescent coating on them. It gives them some character. The smaller, teal wood beads that complete the necklace are from Hobby Lobby.

These multi-strand bracelets are by Hipanema. Anthropologie has three options online - one for $108, one for $148, and one for $168. Leave it to TJ Maxx again..... I saw a Hipanema bracelet there for $39.99. But we can do better than that! Head on over to Target and decorate yourself for $9.99! Just like Anthro, Target has several color schemes and combos. I know that I am not much of a bracelet wearer (as much as I love bracelets) so even for $10 I did not buy for myself. But a fun find for sure!
I really think this post represents me so well. I am someone who loves to support designers/artists when I can afford it. I am also someone who loves the challenge of DIYing. And most importantly, I am someone who loves a great deal!
Buy, make, or save?
No need to choose - do all three!
I look forward to styling my 2 new necklaces in outfits to share soon!


GnomeLover said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love, love, love the necklace you created. It is so good! Every time I am at Target, I see those bracelets and I almost buy a couple every time, but then the diamonds throw me off, because I am not a bling person. You are so creative, I am sure you could think of a way to fix that, but it is intimidating to me. I love the necklace you purchased, too. It is so pretty. I am adding it to my wishlist so u can hope for a sale.


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