Friday, December 27, 2013

Get the look for less........ necklaces edition!

Howdy! How was every one's Christmas? Ours was great! We have been enjoying quiet time at home with our little guy, and it is so great to just play each day by ear..... let him play with his new toys, try out the sled that Santa brought, go to our zoo's holiday nights event, watch Rudolf (I've lost count how many times now). The outfit posts are pretty slim right now, as I must confess I haven't gotten out of my pajamas much the last few days...... and when I do, it's to bundle up for the seemingly never ending ice and snow we have been having in Michigan.
I hope to be back soon with some fun outfits...... I am really excited as my hubby and son did a great job picking out some fun things for me! In the meantime though, I just couldn't wait to share a few necklace deals with you.
 First up.... I have been a long time fan of Heidi Daus. And speaking of Christmas, several years ago Jon surprised me with some Heidi Daus pieces. Heidi often churns out gorgeous peacock pieces. I don't own any of them because as you can see, they can run $300 - $400!!! I got this similar necklace at Macy's. I can't find it on their website, and I threw the receipt away, but if I recall correctly I think it retailed for $36, had 20% off, and then I had an additional 25% off coupon the weekend they did the friends and family sale. UPDATE: I did find it on their website. Here is the link.
Another designer I am a fan of is Lenora Dame. One of the stores that Miss Dame sells at is Anthropologie. When they carry various colors of her Budding Necklace, they retail for $58. Sometimes, you can find her at TJ Maxx, as was the case here. I had always admired the Budding necklaces but couldn't settle on a color. When I saw this multi-colored one in the case, it really intrigued me. I took the afternoon to think about it (a.k.a. look it up online) and when I went back later that day it was gone! That's often the case with stores like TJ Maxx. My suggestion? Buy it when you see it - you can always return it. Anyway, thanks to my Mom who found the necklace at the store in her town. The Nostalgic Floral Strand retails for $105! TJ Maxx price? $29.99
I hope to be styling these necklaces in some outfits soon!

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