Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Vintage Sweater

This sweater is close to 20 years old. Does that make it "vintage" yet? I bought it in high school (yeah, I'm not worried about revealing my age just yet) and even though I probably haven't worn it since around then I apparently couldn't give it up. It was cleared out of my closet about 10 years ago, but instead of going though my usual cycle (consignment shop, eBay or donate) I felt that it was special enough to hang on to. I thought of it the other day and dug it out of the box I had it in, in the basement.

I got it at the Express - you sure as heck wouldn't find anything like it there now - their style has completely changed. It is hand knit wool. It is so thick and warm, that I didn't even need a coat today. I just added my scarf and gloves. I am so glad that I kept this special piece!

Vintage Wool Sweater : Express
Sonoma Roll Tab Chambray Tunic : Kohl's
Red Jeans : Local Consignment Shop
Boots : Zulily

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So cute! I was trying to do the math and decide if that sweater was there the same time I worked there. Nope. But it is so cute. And high quality. You are right, you won't find that there any more. : (

You are so lucky you held on to it. And look at you wearing the same size as in high school!