Sunday, September 30, 2012

Loving Fall!

I'm loving these Fall days and this weeks submission to the Effortless Anthropologie readers outfits. I figured the birdhouse my Dad made was a good place to pose with my bird printed dress. I'll let the pictures do the talking, but here is the my outfit breakdown:

Maeve's "Native Birds" dress - Anthro
Teal cardi - thrifted
Brown belt & tights - Apt 9 (Kohl's)
Teal Mary Janes - Reaction Kenneth Cole (DSW)
Necklace - Target

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Casual Friday : Chevrons & Peacocks

In a world where colored and printed jeans are constantly in your face, I thought to myself - there must be a peacock printed pair out there. I didn't have to search too long or far as I found these by Xhilaration at my local Target. I just happen to come upon them, and those are the best surprises I think. I like how the print is black and grey, so it tones it down a bit. Peacocks are quite eye catching as it is, so I don't mind these being subtle. And, I felt the price was right for something trendy.

If I haven't mentioned it before, I love websites that have the "seach in store" option. But here is an example of when it doesn't work. Target's website says these are not sold in stores...... but they are. So, hmmmm, that's annoying.
I did some pattern mixing with this Liz Claiborne Chevron Belted Shawl Jacket, in the same black and grey tones. Liz Claiborne, exclusive now to JC Penney, is really stepping it up a notch. Heck, all of JC Penney seems to have been revamped and I am impressed!
A closeup of the baroque peacock print...........
Boots: Bare Traps "Armandy" (a Christmas gift from last year). Grey long sleeved tee: Apt 9 (Kohl's). And floral pin: Macy's

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Peacock Hair Clips for a Wedding

A co-worker of mine’s daughter is in a wedding this weekend, and upon hearing the bride was interested in peacock feather accessories she told her about “this girl I work with who makes things and LOVES peacocks”. I agreed to make the hair clips and even though my specialty is jewelry, I jumped at the chance for a challenge.
  Feathered hair adornments are so popular now, so I started thinking about similar commercially made hair pieces and what I didn’t like about the quality and what could I do to improve that. Without giving away too many of my secrets, here are a few important tips that went into making these.
  I used a stiff felt as the backing for support, and sewed a hair clip to it for extra security.
My feathers were collected from a friend who owns peacocks, so I think they are especially plush and colorful.
  I just love how these turned out – they have such a vintage glam look to them. They are going to look gorgeous with their chocolate colored dresses! And I love that the bride wanted a dash of color on hers too!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I recently mentioned in a previous post how I've seen the hot rod car print trickle down from Prada's runway into the mainstream. So it's really exciting for me to find yet another piece of attire that I can wear to celebrate Jon & I's passion for good ole' American steel. This sweet shirtdress was found at Urban Outfitters while on my girl's adventure in Chicago. I of course loved the print, but was unsure of the shirt/dress style as it's not one I am used to wearing. Hanging on the rack it was buttoned up to the top and had an odd bow around the neck (removable to my relief). When I tried it on, it was shapeless and reminded me of my Grandpa's night shirt.

I passed on it that day, considering it perhaps when it went on sale. And, not to be defeated I started thinking of ways I would style it to make it more to my liking. We no sooner got back to Battle Creek and it hit sale. My internet shopping skills also found me an additional percentage off code, as well as free shipping. It was meant to be.

Pairing it with the basics - black leggings, belt and flats (already owned from Kohl's and Target) - I am really digging it! I am also digging this cool painted wall I discovered downtown..... it's starting to peel, adding more character as time cruises by!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

OOTD - Pattern Mixing

I haven't been too comfortable with the pattern mixing trend yet. The only thing I can think of it perhaps it's because I wear some pretty bold prints as it is, I couldn't imagine putting some of them together. I have to be honest, I kind of stumbled upon this look that I submitted to the Effortless Anthropologie blog this week.

Hanalei Buttondown (Owl Print) - Anthropologie
Worthington Mixed Pattern Pencil Skirt - JC Penney
Apt 9 Belt - Kohl's
Eurostep Sandals - Famous Footwear (on clearance for $15 minus $5 birthday coupon = $10!!!)
Necklace - my own design
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wedding Earrings: for 6 bridesmaids

I am attending a wedding this coming Saturday, and was asked to make earrings for the bridesmaids. Each girl has a different style dress, but in the same fuchsia color, so the bride was open to having a different design for each. Not to mention, I could cater to their personalities too. For instance, one gal likes big earrings. Her sister (and matron of honor) likes pearls.
I had enough supplies to also make matching necklaces, which feature the same design of the earring but just strung as a pendant on a silver chain. Here is a shot of all 6 pairs together, as well as some close ups of my favs! Can't wait to see them in action!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

OOTD - 9.18.12

Colored jeans are big right now, as is red, so I knew if I was going to indulge in the trend red would be my first choice. I was lucky enough to score a pair at my favorite consignment shop for $3.00!!! You’ll probably see a lot of outfits featuring these, as I am continually finding ways to incorporate them into my wardrobe.

Today, I paired them with:

Ginger Dress (bird print) c/o Fossil (bought last Fall)

Apt 9 Belt c/o Kohl’s

Unlisted “Web Page” black wedges c/o Steinmart

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chicago Part 2: Eye Candy

After researching the list of events for Fashion's Night Out (FNO) in Chicago, we thought we'd end up at the 900 Shops which is where we parked the car. This was the first FNO either of us had been to. Turns out, we were walking by Neiman Marcus (one of our other top picks) as the festivities started and we ended up spending the majority of the evening there. We were both pleased with how this turned out.... I mean, how could you resist these people at the door?
Many of the events boasted a fashion show, picture booths, DJ's, makeup/manicures/hair, delicious food from local restaurants, and more. The only thing we didn't partake in was the makeup/manicures/hair because the lines were quite long.
We got situated for NM's show and all I have to say is WOW! Everything from the music to the models was awe inspiring. Layers upon layers of colors, patterns and textures - each piece probably costing more than my monthly income!

As if all of that were not enough, they started sending the men out like this:
And I was like this:
We were both like that! Oh my! After taking it all in, we walked the rest of the way back to the car, stopping along the way at a few more stores. We tried on some of the craziest outfits we could find, just for fun! We could have stayed even longer, but knowing the drive back and losing the hour for the time difference played a big part. We sure had a great FNO though!!!