Saturday, August 27, 2016

Get the Look for Less : LuLaRoe

Are you tired of hearing me talk about LuLaRoe yet? Don't worry, I promise this will be the last post in a while. Once I started learning about LuLaRoe, trends I was seeing in store started making more sense. The crazy printed leggings, soft tunics, and sheer kimonos with fringe I was seeing at the likes of Meijer or Target, combined with gals posting on the buy/sell/trade boards about where you could find similar buttery soft leggings, I was up for the challenge. Here's what I found and loved.

While this crazy pair is not the same softness as LLR, I couldn't resist them at Walmart for $4. They reminded me of cuckoo cloud palace from the Lego movie which my son loves! 
This pair, on clearance from Meijer for $7, ARE just as soft as LLR! Can you see the peacocks in the print?
Supposedly, LLR prints are exclusive to them. So why am I finding this pretty floral tunic on Zulily for $24? This print is considered a "unicorn" on the Amelia style dress. Since I already have 2 Amelia dresses, I was more than happy to score this pretty print in a slightly different style for a fraction of the price!
LLR has a long duster cardigan, like the ones I am always talking about, called the Sarah and it's $70. Now that is getting up there in the Free People price range which is where I originally found this long cardigan style. I've posted where to find this look cheaper previously since I own several. So save your money on the Sarah and hunt one down at TJ Maxx, Sears, Target, etc..... (the one pictured here is Bongo at Sears). 

Friday, August 26, 2016

The Carly

Another new LuLaRoe style I've tried is the Carly dress. It's basically a t-shirt dress which comes in both solids and prints. When it came out, I was not convinced I needed one. When it comes to basics, I know I can find them at a variety of stores for good prices. I like to spend my dollars on unique pieces and prints! I ended up seeing this dress in person, which probably helped "sell" it to me. I slipped it on and it was wonderful, again helping to hide those problem areas. And the versatility, especially choosing a solid color, is great! Here, I'm wearing it with a jean jacket but I've also already worn it alone and belted with an olive utility vest.
Carly dress : LuLaRoe
Jean Jacket & Sunglasses : TJ Maxx
Necklace : made by me (pendant from Hobby Lobby)
Ankle Strap Wedges : Rockport

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Julia

Alright folks, you've seen me post about Irma. The Monroe. The Amelia. The Maxi Skirt
The Perfect Tee. Yep, I am slowly making my way through the entire LuLaRoe collection and seriously should probably just become a consultant who sells it! Today, I am introducing you to The Julia dress. I'm not going to lie, I've put on some weight lately so trying such a figure hugging style was a bit daunting. But, just like most all of the LLR clothing, it does its best to hide the flaws. They are coming out with so many peacock prints lately, I can hardly keep up! The rest of the outfit details are as follows:

Black Belt : Target
Tahari Sunglasses : TJ Maxx
Anthropologie Necklace : TJ Maxx
Catherine Malandrino Heels : Zulily

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fall '16 Denim Trends

With the temps cooling, and back to school, denim is back in full swing. I am very pleased with the trends that I am seeing for the season.... some old, some new, some re-newed, and some you can DIY! I've selected my 3 favs here - let's get to talking!
Culottes: these wide leg crops are going strong and I couldn't be more excited! I've long boasted my love of these here, even if they might not be the best for my body type. I don't care, I love them! Especially the ones with the released hems. Back in the Spring I posted about how happy I was to see these at more and more retailers. And now? Heck, they are almost everywhere. Every time I see a pair I am in love (even though I already have a few pairs)?!?!?! My challenge will be styling them for the cooler weather as I have not done that yet. I am loving the looks here (all courtesy of Anthropologie) and hope I can pull off booties with them. The proportions can be tricky....
Hi-Lo Hem (or Mullet): I am not sure how I feel about this trend, but I am including it because I am seeing it everywhere. Plus, it's something you could easily DIY rather than buy. I do love how these show off your footwear. Images courtesy of Pinterest.
Embroidered: Gucci is responsible for bringing these back, and while I could never afford Gucci these take me back to the early 2000's where I had a few gorgeous pairs. That was when I strictly shopped Express and they came out with several. Mine are long gone - do I regret it? No, because they probably wouldn't fit and the style would be outdated. However, I do remember the embroidery was amazing! This would be a little more advanced DIY, but doable for some. It's a grown up version of the patches on denim - have you seen that trend too? And with this one, it doesn't stop at jeans - denim jackets are fair game too. Just.... don't wear the two together, okay? Unless you are Dolly Parton. Images courtesy of Pinterest.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Warby Parker : Field Series

I’ve needed correction to my vision since 8th grade. As much as I love certain glasses styles, I have to be truthful to myself in knowing that I am a contact lens wearer. Believe me, I’ve tried to wear glasses to change my look up but I just can’t do it! However, I do wear sunglasses daily. My eyes are really sensitive to the sunlight, so even on an overcast day I need the protection! Most of my blog pictures feature this particular accessory.
I remember checking out Warby Parker a few years ago, after seeing an ad. I was impressed that they will send you a sampling of frames to try out at home. They also carry sunglasses (which you can get with or without prescription) and have recently launched a limited edition Field Series collection. There are 3 styles, each comes in 2 colors. I thought I would share my thoughts on each and how I would wear them!
First up is Reed, an aviator style with a twist. Aviators are a classic that never go out of style. I like to pair them with casual looks, especially neutral colors like an olive green jacket. The addition of Grady would have taken this look up a notch!

Second is Grady, a very classic style. When I think of classic, preppy often comes to mind. Collars, crew neck sweaters, primary colors like navy and red…… This outfit it what I would pair the Reed with.

Last, but not least is Bonnie which screams boho to me! I’ve noticed that culottes are still going strong into this Fall so I decided to pull one of those looks for Bonnie. Bonnie would also pair great with maxi dresses and anything flowy!

I hope you’ll take the time to check out Warby Parker, specifically the Field Series Collection. I see that Grady and Reed are unisex styles, and I also love that for every purchase, Warby Parker gives a donation to a non-profit to help source glasses for those in need. But don't wait too long..... this is a limited series. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Back to Basics

In yesterday's post, I talked about being frustrated putting outfits together sometimes. Feeling like I am trying too hard or forcing it. I think we can often feel like this at the end of a season. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Summer and don't want it to end. But we've had quite a hot spell lately. I find a good "reset" helps a lot. Go back to the basics - they are not boring if you style them right. Wear pieces that you know work for you and you feel good in. I felt great in this outfit the day I wore it! Black and white with a jean jacket - done! You can see a similar look when I was pregnant here, and you can see another way I wore this flowy white top here.

High Rise Black Jeggings : American Eagle
 Simply Vera White Top : Kohl's
Gap Jean Jacket : Consignment Shop
Rampage Sandals : Meijer
Tahari Sunglasses : TJ Maxx
Monogram Necklace : jewelry store where we lived in Illinois

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Quite often, blogging means posting only the good….. the outfits you think are good…… the pictures you think are good…….. But honestly, I am sure we can all relate that as passionate as we may be about something, there are some days where we are “just not feeling it”. I thought it would be a good topic to post about, and to show some outtakes of outfits that I ended up not liking for one reason or another.  Aside from not liking an outfit, or how I look on a particular day, there are other aspects that make me push blogging aside. Some days, I am just too exhausted from work and home to do anything else but relax. But more recently I have found that negativity on social media has deterred me as well. Let me explain:

I treat social media the same way as I did the day I joined it: a place for me to keep in touch with people. I don’t post about politics, religion, etc…. I don’t think it’s just the upcoming election that is the problem though. It’s the terrible pitchforking that is going on every time a new story comes across the feed! Suddenly, everyone is an expert on gorillas, zoos, alligators, theme parks, parenting, guns, rapists, which race/profession lives matter most, etc…. And when the next piece of news come out, whatever tragedy everyone was obsessed about is suddenly forgotten. Does that make it less important than it was 24 hours ago? Aren’t those involved still dealing with the aftermath (and will be for the rest of their lives)? Then there are the stories that don’t go viral that I read on a daily basis about human trafficking, child abuse, animal abuse, innocent people getting killed… and I am trying not to bawl at my desk, feeling sick to my stomach and just wanting to run home and hug my hubby and boys and never leave the house again! It’s times like that when I feel like posting about fashion is unimportant. Superficial.

But, if we stop doing what we love because we feel guilty, then we are letting the bad win in a way. Personally, the little bits of art and fashion that I love seeing every day online is what gets me through my days. Bright spots in a mass of negativity, no matter how much someone else might think they are superficial. However, even if you are trying to post positively to promote your business or brand (which happens to be about jewelry, or dolls, or outfits for example) you are not immune to hurtful things. I’ve watched over the years as some of my friends have been attacked online and it seemed no matter what they did they just couldn’t win. Did you know that there is even a site dedicated to making fun of bloggers? In that regard, I was always thankful that my blog was small and unknown. I never really had to deal with any haters. Until a few months ago……


It makes sense that you want to gravitate toward other people who share the same interests as you. This is sometimes easier to do online of course. I've heard many people refer to this as "community" and "tribe". I totally agree with that. When I changed my blog over to mostly fashion from jewelry making years ago, it was partly because I was involved in a weekly outfit post hosted by a blog specifically about Anthropologie. That blog is still active to this day, but the weekly outfit posts are far and few between. I can imagine what an undertaking that is to compile everyones submissions into a post! I missed it though, so several months ago when I found out about an Anthropologie Outfit Of The Day Facebook page, I was thrilled to join. It even re-energized my excitement for blogging. I won't get into details, but after I starting posting it was pointed out to me that this was wrong or that was wrong. I didn't get a chance to argue my point before being blocked from the page. It was hurtful, even at almost 40, to be excluded from something especially when I didn't feel like I broke the rules (or that others were doing similar things). So you see, even something as trivial as clothes can turn ugly.

Hopefully, all this rambling makes sense somehow. I will always love blogging, but sometimes I just need a break. On to the outtakes:
The first time I wore this LuLaRoe kimono, I had on all black. Trying to infuse some color into it here, I just didn't like the end result. 
Here I felt like the mint was not a good pairing with black.

The hemline of the shirt and sweater were not right with these wide leg jeans. Sometimes, proportions can be hard.

You know I love my "twofer" dresses, and I did like this outfit but it was so humid I felt like my curled hair was a hot mess. Just wasn't feeling it!

Here I was trying a trick I do quite often : tying a shirt over a dress. I've featured both the dress and shirt on here before and was excited about the black/tan match. But, the shirt was too bulky as was the waistline of the skirt of the dress making me look wider than I already am. I just felt like I was trying too hard.