Saturday, August 27, 2016

Get the Look for Less : LuLaRoe

Are you tired of hearing me talk about LuLaRoe yet? Don't worry, I promise this will be the last post in a while. Once I started learning about LuLaRoe, trends I was seeing in store started making more sense. The crazy printed leggings, soft tunics, and sheer kimonos with fringe I was seeing at the likes of Meijer or Target, combined with gals posting on the buy/sell/trade boards about where you could find similar buttery soft leggings, I was up for the challenge. Here's what I found and loved.

While this crazy pair is not the same softness as LLR, I couldn't resist them at Walmart for $4. They reminded me of cuckoo cloud palace from the Lego movie which my son loves! 
This pair, on clearance from Meijer for $7, ARE just as soft as LLR! Can you see the peacocks in the print?
Supposedly, LLR prints are exclusive to them. So why am I finding this pretty floral tunic on Zulily for $24? This print is considered a "unicorn" on the Amelia style dress. Since I already have 2 Amelia dresses, I was more than happy to score this pretty print in a slightly different style for a fraction of the price!
LLR has a long duster cardigan, like the ones I am always talking about, called the Sarah and it's $70. Now that is getting up there in the Free People price range which is where I originally found this long cardigan style. I've posted where to find this look cheaper previously since I own several. So save your money on the Sarah and hunt one down at TJ Maxx, Sears, Target, etc..... (the one pictured here is Bongo at Sears). 

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Can you tell me the brand for that tunic? Would love to track down that print.