Saturday, May 28, 2011

Postpartum Creating

This necklace is the one piece of jewelry I've made since becoming a Mom. And actually, I had all the beads pulled together in a burst of inspiration the day before we went to the hospital so it was fairly easy to come back to it. I framed this little butterfly image I had in a glass locket, and the beads are wood rounds, painted wood disks, and ceramic cubes.

Finding balance in this new life can be challenging at times. But, I am giving myself permission to take it slow. I guess, just like the butterfly represents, it will be a metamorphosis of sorts. But it's an experience I am so glad to be having!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


As promised, I am having a sale in my Etsy shop to celebrate Richard's birth (and to clean house for new work)! I have relisted some items, and the coupon code is "Richard" to receive 25% off anything in the shop!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A week ago today...... Started writing this Wednesday, but that's how the days go around here.....

...... I was getting up for work and sensed that my water had broken. It wasn't the huge gush you see in the movies, but I knew something was up. After calling the doctor (who I had just seen the day before) I took one last pic of the belly and waited for Jon to get home from work. I leisurely got things together around the house (washed dishes, put away laundry). I was not in any pain, I felt totally fine. As we headed to the doctor I thought: this is going so smoothly - not at all like I had thought - I had visions of going into labor at home and riding along in agonizing pain.

Once the doctor confirmed my suspicious, she told us to go next door and check in to the hospital - that I would go into labor within probably 12 hours. We grabbed some lunch first and had those last few moments before this life changing event. Once settled into our room, we started walking laps in the halls to try to get things moving. Nothing was happening. It was frustrating to be there when nothing was happening, but then again if I had been sent home I probably would have drove myself crazy knowing that my water was leaking and wondering when I should go back. I was told that by 7:00 the next morning I would be induced if nothing was happening yet. Around midnight, my contractions started so I didn't get much sleep. By 7:00, they weren't as intense as needed so I was induced.

Almost 9 hours later, I had this little bundle! Richard Alan Trudeau was born on May 12th at 3:51p.m. and weighted 7lb, 13.8oz and measured 19.75 inches. We are still getting into a routine here, but I sense a jewelry sale coming on to celebrate!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Last Minute

Every day, I wonder "will today be the day"? I guess we've felt like this for about 2 weeks now, ever since the doctor's appointment when they told me I was already this much thinned and this much dilated. I remember that evening, my husband was in sort of a panic putting together the last few baby things while I sat in the recliner with the foot bath and hot neck wrap he'd prepared (he really is the best)! After about 48 hours passed, I think we both realized that I could walk around in this "new condition" for a while yet. That was even further confirmed at last week's doctor appointment when I was all excited to hear some new "progress" and I was still the same as the week before.

So every day is a gift, so to speak, of time. Anticipation, waiting, and enjoying each other's company. How much more cleaning can I get done? Will I be able to run to Target after work? Will I be able to complete this jewelry design idea I have? The answer, for now, is yes.

I was so thrilled to see that Michael's is carrying some new items in the Industrial Chic line! I hope that collection is around to stay for a long time! I picked up this layered metal flower that I just love! In true Industrial Chic fashion, I used the very last drawer pull I had from an old desk we refurbished. The large bail on the pendant slid onto it perfectly. I used beads in the same bluish patina and fuchsia pink colors. I just love how the bright colors pop against the antique looking metals!
I also put together these earrings consisting of beaded beads (a variety of stone rounds woven together) and some metal tags.

I go to the doctor again tomorrow. Maybe I will get news of progress.......

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Graduate

So the other exciting news at our house is that Jon just completed his MBA. It couldn't be more perfect timing that it is right before the baby - I couldn't imagine him trying to study with a newborn! I know that people do it though, and I admire them for that.

This has been a common sight many a days in our living room. Our little Mocha is keeping Jon company while he takes a little nap break.
Biscuit says "Corporate Finance is sooooooo boooooring!"

I am so proud of him and he worked so hard! Besides the usual papers and exams, there were a lot of group projects and presentations. He rewarded himself with this '70 Chevelle, pictured here in one of our local museums a few years ago. He deserves it!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ready! And waiting.....

My bag is packed and ready to go. I've paid someone to paint my toenails, since I couldn't reach them. Believe me, my feet are like 3 times this big since this photo was taken! I now know where the phrase "barefoot and pregnant" came from - it's because NONE of your shoes fit! I have been trudging to work in flip flops lately, just trying to make it through each day.

I was able to maneuver some leg shaving - you know, all these things I think are "important" when I know the doctor's and nurse's could care less. It's all for my own sense of comfort / clean / feeling as put together as I can???

I guess since I felt so good for most of this pregnancy, I was in denial about these end symptoms ever coming. I miss wearing my wedding ring (the only piece of jewelry I never take off). I hate not being able to move as quickly or in the same directions as I used to. At least the head cold I was battling is finally gone! I am so happy to breathe again!

The first load of laundry is done in the special baby detergent - his sheets, blankets and some clothes. Some of the clothes are so tiny I have a hard time believing that he will be that little!

Jon and I have been enjoying our time together, these last few weeks, feeling a closer bond than ever. It's been such a special time!