Saturday, March 28, 2020

Yoga at Home

 I've been wanting to do a yoga post for a while now, and the addition of this cute new tee I got prompted me to do so. My boys and I have all been taking yoga classes for the past few years, and I had found them the cutest shirts at Target! I have to admit I was a bit jealous, wishing they came in my size! Then, a few weeks ago I saw another blogger I follow post this cute shirt of dogs doing yoga from the J. Crew Factory. At 20 bucks + free shipping (plus being confined to my home) I couldn't hit the 'add to cart' button fast enough. I had even considered ordering a few in extra small to see if they would work for the boys, but unfortunately now it's completely sold out. Keep checking the site though if you are interested - it might get restocked.
 Back to the classes...… since we can't be there in person, the yoga studios we usually frequent have been posting online classes which has been so wonderful! Whether we're doing a class together (or Mom is just trying to have some quiet time on her own) I can't recommend it enough during this uncertain time.
 Boys yoga mats are Gaiam from Target.

 I would also love to share my water bottle and mat finds...… Both also by the brand Gaiam. The water bottle I found at Meijer about a year ago. The matching mat was a recent TJ Maxx find for $12.99!

 And let's not forget the gorgeous TJ Maxx mat bag I posted about not too long ago ($16.99), proving that you don't need to spend a lot for yoga gear.
My Yoga Dog Tee : J. Crew Factory
Cat & Jack Boys Yoga Shirt, Gaiam Mats : Target
Peacock Yoga Mat & Bag : TJ Maxx
Water Bottle : Meijer

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Tiered Dress #2

 I'm still talking about tiered dresses today, as this was the other piece I found in Chicago at Marshalls. I forgot to mention the brand of the grey one from TJ Maxx yesterday - Thread Times - if anyone wants to hunt it down online or when we can go out in public again. The brand of this red one is Max Studio and the retail tag on it was $118. Marshalls price? $29.99!
This one is sleeveless too, but a maxi length and it has pockets. I am wearing it with the Otomi Jean Jacket I made a few years ago - if you want to read more about that, check out this post. I would apply all of the same styling ideas from yesterdays post to this dress too.
I've probably had the best shopping luck I've ever had in Chicago during this last trip. I wasn't looking for anything specific - I just hit up my usual favorite stores on Michigan Avenue and State Street. I added up all of my purchases yesterday, and for about $200 this is what I got:
Loft Sweater I posted about last week (photographed in Chicago)
Two tiered basic shirts from Loft
TJ Maxx Tiered Dress (posted yesterday)
Marshalls Tiered Dress (this post)
TJ Maxx Skirt
Anthropologie sale Dress
Anthropologie sale Necklace
Eight pieces for $200 is pretty darn good! I'll be posting all of the other pieces to keep busy during this pandemic!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Tiered Dress

 Okay, I fell off the "getting dressed" bandwagon for a bit there, but today I got out of my leggings to photograph this outfit. Here's the story on these pieces:
 Within the last year or two, Anthropologie comes out with "tiered" dresses. They are solid color knits, either midi or maxi length, and by either their own brand or Sundry or COA. The problem is the price range is $98 - $128 which I don't feel justifies a dress like this. Even though it's a great basic that will get a lot of wear, it's still not worth it to me. I will admit, I did order (on sale promo) a pink Sundry one and a yellow Anthropologie one but ended up returning both.
 When I was in Chicago a few weeks ago, I found this grey midi one at TJ Maxx for $19.99!!! Grey was definitely a color I had been wanting. It fits great and is comfy. It's sleeveless, so great for layering. And at that price, that's an example of picking up 2 of them because materials like this get pilly and worn quicker than others. I will probably kick myself for not buying 2, but I found a red tiered maxi at Marshalls there too that I will soon post.
 This look here would be how I would wear it in Spring or Fall. Jacket, bare legs, booties. For Winter I would do tights. For Summer I would wear it sleeveless with a long necklace and sandals.
This tapestry jacket I got at our local thrift shop a few months ago. It reminded me of something I would see at Free People, and it is made up of different designs. So I guess you could say it's both tapestry AND patchwork. The black background has faded to grey, so perfect with this dress! I believe it was about $8. I love supporting our local thrift shop because they give back so much to our community. For instance, this past Saturday all proceeds would have gone back to our Scout Den (we were going to work an hour shift) but of course that was cancelled.
Dress : TJ Maxx
Jacket : Thrifted
Booties & Sunglasses : Target

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Quarantine Chic

 I've been happy to hear that many people share my sentiment of continuing to "get dressed" during this uncertain time. My previous schedule was working from home 2 days a week, and you can bet that most of those days I was in my pajamas. But now that working from home is everyday, I knew not getting dressed would really affect my mood. That's not to say there still isn't going to be pajama days, so I'm just going to take one day at a time.
 Once again LuLaRoe has come out with a peacock dress. This is their new Riley style, and just like all of their dresses - SO easy to throw on and feel like you tried even though it feels like you are wearing a nightgown! And because of that, it didn't seem weird that I was wearing this around the house. When the weather gets warmer, I would wear sandals with this (these are the Wenda shoes from Target). I struggled with finding a necklace (something before the neckline or something longer) so instead I decided on a cute black bow headband gifted to me by my sweet friend! You could throw a jacket over this, belt it, etc.....

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Social Distancing

Last year, I found several cute pieces of clothing at World Market so now I make a note to check their website from time to time. This cute peacock top showed up so I ordered it. The floral background is muted, but I love how crisp the peacock details are. The pleated sleeves are super cool too! The blues in this top are really dark so I opted for dark denim. There is a lot of olive green so I would also pair with olive jeans, and decided to wear my olive booties for that reason.

Mossimo Jeans - Target (old)
Sonoma Boots - Kohl's (old)

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Chicago Day 2

 On my second day in Chicago, I wore this sweater I bought at the Loft there! It was really comfy and cozy for another day exploring and then our drive home. I love the multi-color yarn in it, and I saw many sweaters at Anthropologie that were similar for a lot more. As much as I love my fairly quiet life in a small town, there is a part of me that "needs" the city once in a while. I am completely content walking around alone - I would even consider it self care.
 Sarah and I had some yummy dining experiences - I think I may start weekly posts about my favorite restaurants. I also met my friend Barb who I had not seen in 5+ years for lunch, so it was a great couple of days for friendship, eating and shopping!!!
dv Jameson Boots - Target

Monday, March 16, 2020

Chicago Neutrals

I'm not trying to be tone deaf here by continuing to blog, but I think it's really important that we continue to do any small thing that lifts our spirits! I am going to try to get dressed everyday, and even though I am not going anywhere I am going to try to show my outfit(s) as if it were a normal day. Today's pictures are from last Thursday when I was in Chicago. I tagged along to my friends work trip at the last minute. Of course I had concerns about going to a big city, but figured I would be as precautious as possible. While we were there, things changed by the hour back home. First we saw events being cancelled, followed by school, and pictures of empty shelves at the stores (worse than the hording that had been happening in the previous weeks). We just sat there on information overload in disbelief. Everything seemed pretty normal in the city, so we honestly dreaded coming back to the chaos. But, eventually that would change too as we are now seeing stores and restaurants close. All in all, no regrets I am so thankful to have had this little break as we try to settle into our new normal for who knows how long.
 The weather while we were there was pleasant to walk around, and we were staying right on the river in a great location to hit up the places I like to go on State Street as well as Michigan Avenue. I had lots of time on my own as I waited for Sarah to be done with her classes, and I knew I wanted to attempt a few outfit photos. I planned for sensible comfort, and the only new piece here is this top from Soft Surroundings. Those that know me would know that the mismatched buttons is what sold me on this top. It comes in several colors as well as a sleeveless version. I have to be honest though, the sleeves did not feel comfy to me (not sure if sizing up would help) and I felt the fabric is the type to look wrinkly even after ironing (not sure if the black color would hide that). So, I have to say I am not completely in love with this top which is disappointing. I ended up changing before we headed out for dinner. 
Danielle Button Top - Soft Surroundings
dv Jameson Boot - Target