Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Peacock Peasant + Statement Necklace

Hey, it's been a while again! I had a really good streak in March of posting, but now here we are in the middle of May. Honestly, our Winter just kept coming back which wasn't the greatest on my mood..... on getting dressed...... and of course taking any pictures. Also, we were busy refreshing our Living Room and Spare Bedroom (which I'll post about) so that left little time for anything else. But, I am excited to share a couple of new pieces with you! This cute peasant top covers all the trends of embroidery and statement sleeves this season - and for me the peacock design was different than anything I'd ever had. It's $39.99 and I had a 30% off coupon from World Market a few weeks ago. It just so happened this necklace I got at Anthropologie matched it pretty well with it's blue/white ceramic beads. This baby was marked down to $39.95 plus an additional 25% off. Links for the top and necklace are below.
Macerata Necklace : Anthropologie
Everything else I am wearing is old (Target jeans and sunglasses, Minnetonka moccasins). Blue and white is just so classic and I love pairing my olive field jacket with it as well. Alright, I am going to try my best to get posting on the regular again!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Maurine for March

Popping in real quick with this purple number...... It's been a while since I've talked about LuLaRoe here. This is one of their latest dresses, the Maurine. I gotta say, if it's one thing I am loyal to LLR for it's their dresses! This style is both retro and on trend at the same time with it's bell sleeves and ruffle hem. The length is a little longer in back. I decided on a solid color, rather than a print, and choose a color that is not abundant in my closet. You can get the sleeves in lace too, but I kept it simple.  
Necklace - Anthropologie (old)
Booties & Sunglasses - Target

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Anthropologie Spring Fashion Show

 Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend a Spring Fashion Show at Anthropologie in Ann Arbor. It also happened to be International Women's Day, so it seemed even more fitting to be doing something fun with a friend!
 Upon arriving, we were greeted with macaroons almost too pretty to eat and some refreshing drinks. I took notice of the shop that supplied the yummies, as my name is Heather Ann!
 I wore a dress I first blogged about in 2016. Love this backdrop they made!
 So in between all of this eye candy, I thought I would talk about the importance of friendship. One of my biggest frustrations at this point in my life is fitting in time with friends. Sometimes I feel like I have to squeeze it into the hours of 8-5, which is my workday. A frenzied lunch meeting where I'm feeling like it's not enough time to catch up, but also stressed for taking a long lunch hour. Or, taking a day off or half day off to meet a friend for lunch, shopping, or heck even chaperoning a field trip together! But, that's the norm right - we do it all, and we do it so well that our loved ones don't even realize how hard it is.
 I don't know what I would do without my friends - they save my sanity and make me laugh. We are all going through the same phase of life, whether it's raising kids, navigating our marriages, dealing with loss, health issues, family problems. We all love and support each other. I was beating myself up the other day about maintaining some friendships, and Sarah had some great advice. She drew a circle with several circles around it and explained that we have our inner circle of close friends, and then other friends and acquaintances that fit into the outer rings. Sometimes, we get set in thinking that those people have to stay in the rings where you've placed them. It's okay for people to move in and out of different rings based upon life circumstances. Be open to getting close to someone new. And vice versa, don't feel guilty if you drift apart from someone for a while. There are some ladies I've met within the past year that I would love to get to know better, but I'll admit it's my own thinking that if I barely have time for my existing friendships, how can I have more?
 My friend Lisa had some good advice this week too - she said "Your boys need you right now.... they won't be little forever. Your true friends will still be there later on." That really helped!
 So, back to the show, it was really fun! I can't say that any one look stood out to me, rather I liked different parts of different outfits. The employees and models did a great job!

  I ended up winning one of the raffle prizes, which was a nice surprise! I linked to the items below, which I've already tried and loved! I think my favorite was the mask - I've never tried one of those fabric masks before and I will definitely try some more now. These little goodies just extended the enjoyment of the evening into some relaxing this weekend!
 Voluspa Maison Mini Candle (I got the Saijo Persimmon)
Sarah and I grabbed some dinner and called it a night. Thanks for meeting me Sarah, and for being my friend!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Chenille : Two Looks

Here are a few more outfits I took pictures of back in November! I figured I'd better post them before chenille is out of season. Unfortunately, this sweater is sold out but in doing a quick "chenille" search on a few sites you may be able to snag some awesome clearance deals! I've talked before about what 90's trends I have enjoyed a second time around: slip dresses over tees, choker necklace, velvet. A close relative of velvet is chenille and it seemed I couldn't walk into any store this Winter without seeing chenille sweaters! Which is great news because no one has to spend over $100 for a cardigan (like the ones I saw at Anthropologie) when you can find them in the $20-$40 range at Target, Macy's, JC Penney, Meijer. I got this pink one at Loft and also grabbed a berry red one on clearance at Target. Chenille is a super soft, plush, velvety knit and unlike most knits it does not pill. However, I remember a few chenille sweaters I owned when it was first popular, that became threadbare in the areas you would usually see pilling in. So, I am wondering if that still happens and hoping that it doesn't. 
I love pink and green together! The first of these two simple looks is pairing the pink with black and white (and throwing my green jacket on). I'm wearing all my trusty basics here that you've seen before : booties, high rise black jeans, sunglasses, monogram necklace, and one of those sleeveless flowy tops from Kohl's that I am always referring to.
For the second look, I layered the cardigan over all denim but in two different shades. Again with the basic booties, high rise jeans, sunglasses...... the sleeveless chambray top is from Kohl's and the necklace from Anthropologie. Are you a fan of chenille? Do you remember it from your past or is it totally new to you?

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Mom Uniform

This outfit combo is a tried and true formula that I am usually wearing some variation of. Jeans + sleeveless flowy top + long cardigan. Add in your preferred footwear and throw on a necklace if you feel like it. It's comfy while still feeling "put together".
My jeans here are Rock & Republic High Roller (Kohl's) and my fave dv Jameson Booties (Target). The various sleeveless tops I have are either printed (most from Anthropologie) or solid (I bought up a bunch of Anthro dupes at Kohl's a few years ago). These tops all have the same details in common. They have a more fitter placket along the neckline - my printed ones have embroidery and my solid ones have a ruched texture. From there they just flow out and are loose. I've talked before too about these thin long cardigans..... the expensive versions are from Free People or LuLaRoe, but you can find copies at most any big box clothing store (this one is from TJ Maxx). I've bought these up in several colors too when I see them cheap.
I tried to get a close up of the embroidered detail of the top, and my necklace which my Mom gave me for Christmas (from Anthropologie). It's a pretty geode at the end of a sparkly strand of beads and rhinestones. I would link to these items, but they are sold out unfortunately. The top was marked down at Anthro for $29.95 + another 40% off. Do you have a "go to" outfit for when you are stumped for what to wear but still need to look like you made an effort?

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Embroidered Moto : Two Looks

Back in early Winter, I shared this Get the Look for Less jacket. Of course I wore it right away, since we were still having mild weather, took pics, and just didn't blog them yet. I am anxious to pull this jacket out again for Spring. This "statement piece" had already proven to be versatile over a maxi dress or with a tank/jeans combo.
This is my $7 black maxi dress from Meijer from a few years ago! Sunglasses (Target), Boots (Sole Society), and necklace the same in both looks.

Olive Sonoma Tank (Kohl's), Mossimo High Rise Jeans (Target)

Monday, March 5, 2018

Buffet Update

About this time last year, we were getting ready to start painting our kitchen/eating area. When we moved into the house 3 years ago, all of the paint was original to the house, but all livable/neutral. We've been slowly refreshing each room. Two bathrooms were done within the first few months (one being finished up as I was having contractions for Carson). But then we didn't do anything for 2 years! Last Spring we did the kitchen, laundry room, and office. I knew I wanted to replace the hutch in the kitchen, which was an already hand-me-down from when we were first married, with more of a buffet style cabinet with shelves above. Our farmhouse style table is a dark, roughed up wood so I hoped to find a buffet in that same material. I also had a length and height in mind, and everything I found was coming up too small (including the matching one to our table set). I ended up finding the Ember Buffet online at Macy's. Buying a piece of furniture without seeing it in person is a bit of a gamble, but I was willing to take a chance. When I called to order it, I was disappointed to find out they didn't deliver to our area of Michigan. Also, it was on back order for months! Luckily, they did delivery to my parents area and my parents were nice enough to bring it over to us on a visit. The back order came in sooner than anticipated too, so it all worked out. I expected there to be a bit of assembly, as with any furniture, but it was all set to go once we tore the cardboard box off. I must say, I was very impressed with Macy's prices, quality, delivery, and communications. Highly recommend them and would definitely buy furniture from them again.
So, after all of that rambling, the whole point of this post is because I tend to show the DIY projects we do in our home. We love upcycling materials, and this shelf is no exception. When I first envisioned this space (and was "pinning" ideas) I wanted two ledge shelves the entire length of the buffet. My hubby had other ideas of course, making a shelf with a height so large that there is really only room for one. That's okay though, he wanted to use wood from a mirror frame that was meant for a dresser. A few summers ago, I refinished this dresser for Carson's room. It came with an attachable mirror (no mirror in it, just the frame) that we decided not to use. It seriously sat outside behind our garage getting weathered. If you can envision, the middle face of the shelf is the top of the mirror and the other pieces making up the rest of the length and wrap around are the sides of the mirror (all cut to sizes needed). The functional part of the shelf (what you don't see) is just some scrap wood. We found the corbels at the antique salvage store in our town, in all of their chippy paint glory! So once we secured those to the wall, we set the shelf on top. We thought about staining the shelf, but once we had it up for a few days we decided we really like the natural weather look it had.
On to decorating! This is our everyday decor, but love changing things up for the seasons/holidays. That is why I wanted a buffet so I had more surface area (great for my lighted villages). On the shelf I have: 3 empty embroidery hoops leftover from having an antique booth, muffin tin leftover from that too. Metal test tube holder with flowers in it. Finds from my Dad are the metal dispenser and nut grinder. My great-Grandma's meat grinder. Martha Stewart pie tin and pastry masher. Peacock tins and floral tin purchased over time. And a few other random utensils and do dads.
In this crock I have a peacock rolling pin from Anthropologie, wood burned spoon made by me leftover from the antique booth, old spoon and cheese grater purchased, and a rolled up pastry cloth from the same Martha Stewart pie set.
Tobacco basket from "3 Bird", a super cute store in nearby Dexter. Sectioned wood box is a find from Dad. Faux herbs are from a gift store when we lived in Battle Creek. Crow is from "Something to Crow About", a sweet primitive store in our town.
Scale is from town too, our thrift store "The Copper Nail". Little pitcher is from Dad's side of the family, flowers in it from "3 Bird". Frame I had for years from a department store, and the picture is from Greenfield Village last year which I had printed in a sepia tone to fit the d├ęcor.

Ah, how could I forget my flower arrangement that started from $2.00 worth of dried hydrangeas from the farmers market and turned into $60 of other crap: container (3 Bird) and other flowers (Michael's). My kids are intent on destroying this, as they are always banging into it as they walk by or flinging toys around that land into it. With every crunch of the brittle petals I cringe.
Here's a before and after shot too! We sold the old hutch, which is always awesome to have the funds to put into the new project!