Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Favorite Sweater

I traded being surrounded by woods to being surrounded by fields. My animal friends used to consist of deer, turkey and the occasional coyote. Now they are cows and sandhill cranes. Every morning since we've lived here (and my drive when I commute to Battle Creek every other day for work) it has been gorgeous autumn weather. As the sun rises, the fog is lifting from the fields..... creating a magical atmosphere.
Of course that did not happen the morning I finally got out to take blog pictures.
But, I was determined to try anyway. After all, once you commit to getting your boots and jeans soaked in the dew, you want results! Even if they aren't the greatest.
 I was surprised that even though every house in our neighborhood has 2 acres, it was hard to find an area big enough to not capture them in the photos. This was my first attempt though, and there is lots more exploring to be done. I was able to crop some, but not others without distorting the image too much.
 This sweater I got last Spring on deep discount from Motherhood Maternity when I first found out I was pregnant. Since the weather was just starting to warm then, I only got to wear it a few times, but it quickly became a "favorite". It is so soft and cozy, and I love the rose print. Even though it's considered "maternity" you would never know it and I will wear it for years to come. I spotted an almost exact sweater at Kohl's here. As usual, I have basics underneath - a black tank and jeans both from Motherhood Maternity as well. These are my dark bootcut jeans that I had during my first pregnancy.
 I kind of figured we were going to have an "Indian Summer" this year, since our summer wasn't too hot. But honestly, now that I am at the end of my pregnancy, it can be so uncomfortable! I start out okay every day, but after lunch I am just a mess! Which is unfortunate because when Fall comes, we all know that we want to wear our seasonal favs like sweaters and boots. It seems like today is going to stay cool though.... we'll see.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Kimono Kraze

A trend that I've seen emerge greatly in the last year or so has been kimonos. Especially lightweight sheer ones. For instance, go into TJ Maxx and you will find so many to choose from you will go crazy! Long, short, fringe trimmed, lace trimmed, tons of patterns, etc...... I picked up this peacock feather printed one at Macy's a few years back. So I guess I was a little ahead of the times. Today's look is very similar to the last look I posted. Maternity basics (jeans and tank from Motherhood Maternity) with just the top layering piece, necklace and mocs changed out (Friday I had my navy ones on, today my brown ones). It's an effortless look that anyone can pull off!
 Other random thoughts from today......
It's funny how the color (grey/blue) of our old house is the same as our new house! We painted the door on our old house red, and are thinking of painting this one a burnt orange.
 I cannot wait to get my hair done on Wednesday! It's funny how almost overnight you get to the point where you can't stand your roots! I guess it's even more noticeable when you take pictures for blogging.
 I am feeling huge! Especially when people ask my due date and then get a surprised look on their face.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Boho Bump

One thing about having a blog is that it's a good way to see your style evolve. When I wore this vest 2 years ago (see here) I did it much more structured with a belt and everything lined up just so. I still like that look, but today's is much more carefree and relaxed. For both looks, I went with something white underneath and jeans..... only this time around both of those pieces are maternity.
Peacock & Roses Stained Glass Wrap by Moth : vintage Anthropologie
White Tank & Jeans : Motherhood Maternity
Minnetonka Moccasins : TJ Maxx
Necklace : Macy's

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Love Affair

I discovered last summer that I developed a love affair with this color green. See proof here, here, here, here, here and here.
Last summer, Anthropologie offered up the Cimiez Maxi Skirt from Leifsdottir. I tried it on and added it to my wishlist. But when it got it's markdowns, I never got it. I don't know why. Now, a year later, I found it on eBay at a good price. My habits on eBay are usually like this: I sell things in order to buy something else I want. So only when I have money in my Paypal account (from either eBay or selling jewelry on Etsy) do I spend. It's a constant cycle that works for me pretty well. Being that this maxi has an elastic waistband, I knew it would be maternity friendly too.
Leifsdottir Cimiez Maxi Skirt : Anthropologie
Reversible Tank in Oatmeal : Motherhood Maternity
Gap Jean Jacket : local consignment shop
Mossimo "Lakitia" Sandals : Target
Lenora Dame Nostalgic Strand Necklace : TJ Maxx

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Crop Top

Heeeeeyyyyyy there! We are slowly settling into our new home, and it is wonderful! I do want to do some posts around the move, but they require a lot more thought, so for now I am going to get back to some outfit posts until I have the time and energy.
It felt so good to "get dressed" after wearing scrubby clothes everyday for the move. I've had this crop sweater for a few years and usually wear it with a long top peeking out and pants. But I saw ideas on Pinterest about crop tops for maternity, and it makes perfect sense. I don't think I will ever be able to pull off the true crop top look of having skin show anymore in this lifetime. And I am okay with that.
Yellow Bird Sporadic Stitchery Sweater : Anthropologie
Black Maxi Dress : Target
Statement Necklace : World Market
Rampage Jabari Sandals : Meijer
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

First Post From The New House

We've definitely been getting some sweater weather these past few weeks. It's almost as if a switch has been flipped. No easing into Fall (or any season for that matter) here in Michigan. Things change pretty drastically. I was at the new house last Friday for some workers to be there, so I took advantage of the "blank slate" to take some outfit photos. It's going to be so fun to find my favorite blogging photo spots in the new digs!
I chose a really comfy outfit for the day:
Jeans - Motherhood Maternity
Moth Village Pass Sweater - vintage Anthro via eBay
(originally seen here, I couldn't wait to wear this with a bump!)
Minnetonka Moccasins - TJ Maxx
Beaded Bow Necklace - made by me

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

More Print Talk : Otomi

I've been doing a lot of posts about prints lately...... one being this about Anthro prints showing up as off brands at TJ Maxx and Marshalls, and the other was learning about Dutch Wax Prints. Another type of print I've recently learned about is Otomi, mostly through Jenni of Gnome Lover posting about it (check out her Otomi bathroom here - LOVE).
Over the summer, Anthropologie offered up this cute little number below. It immediately made my wishlist. I was hoping to hold out for it to go on sale, as I usually do with Anthro stuff. But, I know that sometimes popular items sell out quickly. However, I was really surprised when I noticed ALL sizes were suddenly out of stock!?!?! That seemed odd to me. So after some digging, I saw a rant on Anthro's Facebook page about this dress. Many people complained that Anthro was betraying the skilled artisans who made these textiles by reproducing it themselves. And asking why couldn't they get the fabric straight from the artists? Because of this, Anthro pulled the garment from it's site and stores.
Having been in the handmade jewelry business for so many years, this is not a new argument to me. There are always stories of copycats and/or corporations stealing ideas from artists. While I do not agree with it, I also think it's a product of the world we currently live in. We are constantly bombarded with images and ideas and have such easy access to anything and everything via the internet. Sometimes I think it is almost impossible to come up with an original idea. It's happened to me many times..... I'll come up with a jewelry design and/or using a material in a new way and I get so excited. Then, I do a quick search on Etsy only to find that someone has already thought of that idea! In this case, I'm not saying a company purposefully taking an idea is ethical, I am just saying that I try to stay pretty neutral when it comes to this stuff because it can happen innocently too. To be honest, I was bummed I no longer had the opportunity to purchase this dress. The model is even wearing the Seychelles Departure Wedges I have - look how cute! And what about Anthro's Luisa Embroidered bedding set (similar Otomi embroidery)? It is still for sale and no one seemed to make a stink about it (that I've seen anyway). How do we pick on some things, but not others. It says it is imported, but do we know if it is from the artisans in Mexico?
In my usual manner, I wanted to investigate further. And also had not given up hope of sporting a cute Otomi print (I was wondering when Jon's next business trip to Mexico would be). I ended up finding that designer Mara Hoffman used the print in 2012. She used both a white and black background, and printed (not embroidered) the colorful animals onto the fabric. She made many styles of dresses (one pictured below), swimsuits, and separates in the print. Mara is a designer whose pieces are often sold at Anthropologie and it's sister companies Urban Outfitters and Free People. So after finding this out, I wondered if anyone called her out on using this print. I have not been able to find anything on the subject.
I set out scouring eBay to find a Mara dress of my own. I didn't think I'd be able to wear it until next Summer, but I was pleasantly surprised when I got it and it was a stretchy jersey material. The top on mine is a wrap like design which I am not crazy about. I wore mine backwards too because I like the print layout better. Out of the many colors, I choose red to accessorize with. Similar to how I have shown to tie button up shirts and tees to accommodate the bump, I plan to tie cardigans as we move into Fall as I did here.