Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Long and Short of It

Sometimes..... sometimes you have to try, try again to get an outfit just right. I got Maeve's Augusta Swing Dress (Anthropologie) on super sale earlier this year. I just loved the floral print that was very "painterly" like. To reel in it's volume, I knew I was going to belt it. This was everyones main complaint in the reviews. I was also worried about it's length and sure enough at the first sign of nice weather I wore it with bare legs and open toe booties. It was too short and I felt uncomfortable all day. There is nothing worse than hating what you are wearing all day, am I right? 

I remembered layering one of my other short dresses last summer over a basic black dress (see post here) so that is what I tried in look #2. I felt the proportions were off and it was too long.

If you remember my Meijer post here, you'll remember how happy I was that they were selling tulle skirts! I got both the white and black - I mean, honestly, how could you not at the price! On a lot of the boards I am on, people talk about "extenders" for their dresses, which are basically like slips but might have some pretty lace on the bottom or something. This is the same concept as layering a long, lace trimmed tank under a top that you feel is too short. So, I thought why couldn't my tulle skirt be like an extender? It ended up being just the right length I needed and now I can't wait to try both the black and white tulle skirts as layering pieces!

I cannot stress enough...... if you really love a material or print, but the style isn't working for you, try, try again! In this case, I was able to create length and shape with an extra layer and belt. If something is too long can you hem it? Don't like the sleeves on something, can you make it sleeveless? If you don't sew, many tailors can do these things at a reasonable price.

In the "too short" pics, I am wearing Fergie open toe booties and a necklace from a home party I can't remember the name of now.

In the "too long" pics, I am wearing a J. Crew dress underneath (consignment), Rockport ankle strap wedges, Jessica Simpson sunglasses, and handmade peacock necklace by Round Rabbit.

In the "just right" pics, I am wearing a black tulle skirt (Meijer) underneath and Catherine Malandrino "Yavko" heels.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Painting Lately

I figured I would follow up yesterdays post with more talk about painting! Today I want to talk about Art 634 which houses Essa Arts in Jackson, MI.
Art 634 is a really cool building which is home to many artists. It is right next to The Armory, so you might recognize that I use the Armory and the alley way by the art building for blog photos as much as I can! In fact, while taking pictures one day, I met a really sweet photographer who works out of Art 634 who I'd love to have do our family pictures this Summer - right at the Armory where I wanted them done anyway! How perfect is that! I have really enjoyed starting to connect with people over here since I was so involved with the arts in Battle Creek.
Sheryl, the owner and artist behind Essa Arts, holds a variety of events for all ages. Over Easter, we took Richard to paint a very cute egg canvas. She's been exhibiting her work at Café Lilla, which is connected to my hair salon (Five One Seven salon), so I couldn't help but purchase one of her peacock paintings I fell in love with earlier this year while getting my hair done and grabbing a bite to eat! Finally, just a few weeks ago, I was able to take a class with her. Kristen and I took the Vintage Flowers class. I just love how it turned out and it was so fun! I really enjoyed all of the techniques we did to create the layers of texture, and it is already hanging in a great spot where I see it every day.
True to everything I do, I had to sort of "theme dress". We were heading to class straight after work so I knew I had to wear something comfy while still being artsy. I know, I'm weird. I choose all black with a bright floral kimono which mimicked the project very much. I threw on one of my handmade necklaces from years back that was "art" themed with a paintbrush and pencil charm, and a handmade polymer clay pendant from swoondimples that reads "art is a jealous mistress".
High Rise Black Jeggings : American Eagle
LuLaRoe Monroe Kimono
Rampage "Jabari" Sandals : Meijer
Necklace : made by me

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Adding to the Collection

Last September, I noticed a trend (see post here). I noticed that my love for still life oil paintings was spilling into my closet. Still loving that trend, when I saw this dress I knew I had to have it! Not only do the flowers look painted, but there are actual framed paintings in the print. This is a LuLaRoe piece, and the other Amelia style dress that I have (the first being the black/white stripe one I posted a few weeks ago). Keeping the accessories simple, yet matchy, I threw on my real little painting necklace which kept flipping over which I didn't notice until I loaded my photos. So, you can see the artist signature on the back. I then added some of my favorite staple pieces: Hei Hei olive jacket (Anthropologie board) and Payless sandals (afraid I am going to wear these out - I love them!).
Whether you collect art for your walls - or your closet - or both - it certainly makes life interesting!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Serious Repeat

I cannot believe how versatile such crazy pants are! You can see my other 3 looks here. They are just so comfy, and paired with equally comfy tops, they made the perfect "day off" look that was still pulled together. This time, I matched the navy in the pants with a navy top, and then used the peach to accent with my duster and necklace. I had a great day with the perfect mix of relaxation and productivity!

Sonoma Smocked Swing Tank - Kohl's (anthropologie look-a-like)

Free People Ribbed Up Maxi Cardigan - Nordstrom Rack (this is the original that all of my look-a-likes have been modeled after)

Anthropologie Tassel Necklace - TJ Maxx

Sunglasses - TJ Maxx

"Val" Sandals - Payless

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Dresses for Weeks........

Seems like all I have been wearing/posting about lately is dresses. And yes, I did have quite a few "new" ones just waiting for the right weather. By "new" I mean most of them were bought off the trade board, and trust me, I did just as much selling in order to give them a home in my closet. Maybe I will deem next week "skirt week" to mix it up a bit!

I remember seeing this maxi in the Anthro store when I was pregnant with Carson and thinking it would be a cute maternity dress. But it was expensive.... waaaayyyy more expensive than usual. I am not sure why since it is such a slight little thing. It's twofer style is a very thing cotton material on top, and an even thinner silk for the skirt. Thank goodness for the group, and a fraction of the price. 

This morning, I also accessorized with Starbucks "Pink Drink", which has been all the rage on social media. It was really hard to not get my usual Mocha, but figured I'd better see what all the fuss was about. Plus, it matched my dress and was pretty tasty!

Anapumaa "Nanda" Maxi Dress : Anthropologie via buy/sell/trade group
Free People Look-a-Like Black Duster : Bongo via Sears
Statement Necklace : TJ Maxx
Sunglasses : Zulily
Bussola Style "Ibiza" Wedge Sandals

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Easy Breezy Routine

Here I am again in another easy "twofer" dress. And, once again in stripe and floral pattern mixing. Hi-Lo hem and pockets. Yep, this dress is pretty much perfect! Again, it's another one where I can't tell if the colors are black or really dark navy. So, I went with the black. Hair pulled back for ease as I knew I had the boys checkups this afternoon.

My normal routine after I get ready in the morning, is to take pictures. I like getting it out of the way right away, so I don't have to worry about it the rest of the day. Plus, I am at my "freshest"..... no wrinkled clothes, makeup melted off, etc...... However, it is fun to explore other places to take pics at lunch or after work. This morning routine only works after daylight savings though, when there is enough light. Most of my pictures are taken at our little train station in town. The lighting always cooperates with me and I love the stone work and wood doors. I appreciate when the breeze catches my dresses/skirts like it did today, as I stand still in my photos. I have tried to move or look like I am moving, but I don't feel it turns out. Guess I'll keep trying! 

In the evening, after the boys go to bed, I edit my images and write up my post. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, I can schedule a few posts in advance too for the days when my "routine" doesn't work out for whatever reason!

Lilka "Zelie" Dress : Anthropologie via buy/sell/trade group
Zuma Necklace : Anthropologie
Free People Look-a-Like Duster : Sears (Bongo brand)
Ankle Strap Wedges : Rockport