Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Not too much to say today..... just remixing some pieces I already have in my closet. I love doing this..... I love having endless ways to wear things!

CAbi key print cardigan - seen previously here
Old Navy brown tank
Necklace made by me - see post here
Macy's INC International Concepts Curvy Skinny Jeans in Green - seen previously here and here
Target's Mossimo "Walda" Wedges - seen previously here

Hope you are having a great week!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Shower

My best friend is getting married in less than 2 months, and as Maid of Honor I had a great time planning and throwing her a shower. I am big into themes, if you haven't guessed. Give me a starting point and I will run with it! Michael's, once again was my inspiration. You might remember last year their dollar bin was the inspiration to my son's 1st birthday party. You can read those posts here and here. For this event, I found some vintage ladies paper goods. They had a fashion / sewing look to them. I used the blank cards for the invites.
 I picked a park pavilion at our Historic Bridge Park for the location, as I was looking for a "blank slate" for the decor I was creating. There are pros and cons to this. The pro, of course, is the blank slate. The con is that you have to bring absolutely everything you need. They already had 2 large picnic tables that would suit the guests. But then I brought my own 2 long tables - one for food, the other for gifts. Rather than use paper products, I was pleased to finally make use out of these vintage plate and cup sets I've had in my basement forever!

 The favors were notebooks from Michael's, the vintage ladies gracing their covers. Along with a box of chocolates tied together with lace.
 The picnic tables were draped in vintage table clothes, burlap runners, topiaries, and my wire mannequins that I usually use for jewelry shows.
 Using embroidery hoops, I created some hanging decor by having them hold vintage sewing patterns. I made paper buntings to hang in between each pillar out of scrapbook paper (most of it printed with vintage patterns).
 It was a beautiful day, but a bit breezy for my lightweight decor. Even though things blew around more than I would have liked, I would rather have that than any other kind of weather.
 Using another embroidery hoop, I tied lengths of ribbon around it to hang as a "chandelier".
 A flowy bug net is both functional and beautiful around the food table. Pedestals add height and interest.
 A special chair for the bride..... banner made with burlap scraps and chipboard letters.
 Carded buttons were also scattered on the table scape.
 These nail polish goodies (marshmallows coated in colored chocolate with tootsie rolls on top) went perfectly with the theme!
 The backdrop for the gift table was some more lengths of lace strung up.
 Chicken salad sandwiches, pasta salad, fruit skewers, tomato/mozzarella/basil skewers, cheese/cracker, cake, shrimp dip, and nail polishes made up the menu.
 Kristen & I
 Beautiful Bride!
 The Maids!
 The Guests!
 Excited, and blushing - as every bride should be!

I could not have thrown this shower without the immense help of those involved. Us bridesmaids divided up the food preparation, and they agreed to arrive early to help decorate. And, the main point of this post is to show how to throw an event on a budget or if you are interested in upcycling decorating instead of buying new. Here is the rundown on the details:

Vintage Tableclothes - borrowed from Kristen
Burlap Runners, Topiaries, Pedestals - borrowed from Jennie
Tables, Chair, Wire Mannequins, Glass Plates & Cups, Paper for Buntings, Bug Net - my own hoard
Embroidery Hoops ($1 each), Lace ($1 for big bags full), Carded Buttons (4 for $1) - Charitable Union
Vintage Sewing Patterns ($1 each) - Salvation Army
*I even wrapped my gift with the patterns, and used lace as the bow*
Vintage Ladies Cards for Invites (6 for $1) and Notebooks for Favors ($1 each) - Michael's
Hours of Crafting and Planning - priceless!
This theme was perfect because the wedding itself with be "vintage" in look. There will be burlap, lace, fabric flowers....... all handmade. Kristen volunteers at the Charitable Union, so it was nice to support them as well in purchasing so many things there. It all turned out so well and a great time was had by all! I am sure I am forgetting a ton of other details!
Photos by Lisa

Friday, July 26, 2013

Reissues and Repeats

A few posts ago, I mentioned that Anthropologie re-released 20 vintage items for their 20 year anniversary. This giraffe skirt is not part of that collection, but it too is a re-release of a past design. I like my pink version better. And, I also like the fraction of the price I paid for it on eBay. It's hard to tell in the pictures, but the pink is darker at the top of the skirt and fades (ombre effect) towards the bottom of the skirt. I am so glad that I acquired so many of these vintage pieces in the past years because it sure has been interesting to see how the sold out re-releases have driven up the prices of the second hand market. It's that whole supply/demand thing I learned in so many of my classes. Geez, who knew it would apply to fashion!
So that takes care of the reissue part of the post. The repeat means that, once again, we were at the zoo. Jon’s work picnic was held yesterday, and it was a beautiful afternoon to spend there! Being the theme dresser that I am, this is what I wore. Animal print + zoo visit = win/win. I love animals prints, not just peacock prints, so that is good for me. I decided to switch out my heeled sandals for my favorite flats, and it was actually the type of weather where I threw on a jean jacket for part of the trip. Our zoo has a lot of shaded areas so it’s really nice!
Giraffe Skirt – Anthropologie (similar)
Brown Tank – Old Navy
Brown Belt – Target
Wood Necklace – Charitable Union gift shop
Sandals – JC Penney

Since we were actually with people we knew at the zoo, we were able to get a family pic!
Since we've been to the zoo so much, Richard has rode almost every animal on the carousel. He seems unsure of the traditional ones on poles, even though we are standing there with him. So even though I'd like to think he picked the peacock bench because of Mama, I think it's a comfort thing for him.
He is all about trains, and luckily he is still at the age where he thinks the free tram to the Africa exhibit is the same as the train you have to pay to ride!
Since the event started before usual nap time, he ended up falling asleep towards the end of Africa.
And surprisingly slept through the tram ride back. He is growing up so fast, but still will do endearing baby-like things to melt my heart..... such as holding onto my necklace.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oldie But Goodie

I've had this dress for about 8 years. I remember buying it not long after we moved here to Michigan. I don't shop at J. Crew much, but that is where I found this dress. I was drawn to the print over the large black & white stripes. I still love it just as much as when I first bought it, and actually almost lost it to a laundry snafu. When the black sweater was new, it left little fibers all over the dress. I didn't think anything of it, but when I washed the dress the black fibers left terrible stains on the white parts! I painstakingly used a bleach pen to dab all of the little spots, being careful not to touch any of the colored parts, and then washed the dress again. Thank goodness it was saved!

I hadn't gotten sucked into Anthropologie back then, but now looking back and researching the older pieces Anthropologie carried a dress very much like this (found on eBay here). Ahhh, my Anthro-style was already starting to develop and I didn't even know it.

Dress : J. Crew
Black Shrug : Casual Corner
Unlisted "Web Page" Wedges : Steinmart
Initial Monogram Necklace

Photos by fellow blogger and cupcake lover, Lisa

Monday, July 22, 2013

Dare to be different...

I know I've posted before about loving palazzo pants. Also know as wide legs, or even pajama pants. So I don't want to sound like a broken record. I have really loved adding this style of pant to my closet within the last year or so. The more unique the print, the more I am drawn to it.

I recently got these on sale at Anthropologie. They are by a Los Angeles based designer - Harlyn. They are silk, so you can only imagine how wonderful they feel on. It was so fun trying to get good pictures of them today, as they billowed in the breeze! With a wild print like this, I usually keep the rest of my ensemble pretty tame.

Harlyn Deco Palazzos - Anthropologie
Mossimo Lindsay Jo Wedges - Target (Seychelles / Anthro look-a-likes)
Tommy Hilfiger white sweater - Macy's, years ago
Apt. 9 Flower necklace - Kohl's
Apt. 9 Aviators - Kohl's

Friday, July 19, 2013

Anthro's 20 for 20

Anthropologie is celebrating it's 20th anniversary this year, and decided to release an Archival Collection of 20 reissued items (called 20 for 20). All Anthro perks members got an email saying they could shop the collection for 48 hours prior to it being available to the public. The collection is only being stocked at one New York store, as well as online.
As I perused the website, I was pleased to see that I already owned 3 of the 20 pieces - mine being the original vintage releases which have been collected over the years thanks to my eBay searching (and at much less than retail which makes me even happier).
One such piece I own is Elevenses No. 2 Pencil Skirt (whose re-release sold out within the first 24 hours). A pencil skirt with pencils on it? Genius! Just the kind of quirkiness I love Anthro for. Plus, the colors make the pairing options endless! So many tops, shoes, and accessories can go with this. For this look, I paired it with Linea Domini's Alphabet Blazer (c/o Steinmart), Old Navy red tank, Unlisted Web Page Wedges (c/o Steinmart), and necklace from a local boutique that I won in a Facebook giveaway. I submitted this look for this Sunday's reader outfits at Effortless Anthropologie.
Speaking of Effortless Anthropologie, here is a great post to get all the info on the archival collection along with links to the pieces. But, like I said, many piece sold out right away! When women are loyal to a brand or store, look out! I am glad Anthropologie decided to do this and maybe that means there is more to come! While this skirt is not part of the archival collection, it is a re-release of an older skirt which was previously in pinks. (I have the pink one - eBay as well of course).
The other pieces I own from the archival collection are the Duck Cord Skirt, seen previously here. And the Button Up Crops, which I will show in an outfit soon.