Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bohemian Deluxe

So apparently, back in 2011 Gisele partnered with H &M to do a Spring/Summer collection for them. Why do I care you ask? Well, it's because there was a peacock print in the collection that flew under my super peacock radar. Probably because I was about ready to give birth and I wasn't really looking at many non-maternity clothes for myself. When in actuality, this could so work with a bump (as most bohemian type clothing does)!
While shopping at one of my favorite resale stores I came across the dress, however it was not my size. Off to my favorite site eBay to wait and watch for one to come up at a price I was willing to pay. I must say, bohemian is probably my favorite type of look. Plus, it's so comfortable! I love the uneven layers that float around in the breeze. Since the colors are so light, it's probably hard to see the fun floral print with peacocks fanning their tails about. Throw on a denim vest or jacket when weather requires it - so easy!
Dress: H &M (via eBay)
Gomex Sandals (via Zulily)

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I love the last photo in this series....beautiful!