Friday, July 26, 2013

Reissues and Repeats

A few posts ago, I mentioned that Anthropologie re-released 20 vintage items for their 20 year anniversary. This giraffe skirt is not part of that collection, but it too is a re-release of a past design. I like my pink version better. And, I also like the fraction of the price I paid for it on eBay. It's hard to tell in the pictures, but the pink is darker at the top of the skirt and fades (ombre effect) towards the bottom of the skirt. I am so glad that I acquired so many of these vintage pieces in the past years because it sure has been interesting to see how the sold out re-releases have driven up the prices of the second hand market. It's that whole supply/demand thing I learned in so many of my classes. Geez, who knew it would apply to fashion!
So that takes care of the reissue part of the post. The repeat means that, once again, we were at the zoo. Jon’s work picnic was held yesterday, and it was a beautiful afternoon to spend there! Being the theme dresser that I am, this is what I wore. Animal print + zoo visit = win/win. I love animals prints, not just peacock prints, so that is good for me. I decided to switch out my heeled sandals for my favorite flats, and it was actually the type of weather where I threw on a jean jacket for part of the trip. Our zoo has a lot of shaded areas so it’s really nice!
Giraffe Skirt – Anthropologie (similar)
Brown Tank – Old Navy
Brown Belt – Target
Wood Necklace – Charitable Union gift shop
Sandals – JC Penney

Since we were actually with people we knew at the zoo, we were able to get a family pic!
Since we've been to the zoo so much, Richard has rode almost every animal on the carousel. He seems unsure of the traditional ones on poles, even though we are standing there with him. So even though I'd like to think he picked the peacock bench because of Mama, I think it's a comfort thing for him.
He is all about trains, and luckily he is still at the age where he thinks the free tram to the Africa exhibit is the same as the train you have to pay to ride!
Since the event started before usual nap time, he ended up falling asleep towards the end of Africa.
And surprisingly slept through the tram ride back. He is growing up so fast, but still will do endearing baby-like things to melt my heart..... such as holding onto my necklace.

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