Friday, July 19, 2013

Anthro's 20 for 20

Anthropologie is celebrating it's 20th anniversary this year, and decided to release an Archival Collection of 20 reissued items (called 20 for 20). All Anthro perks members got an email saying they could shop the collection for 48 hours prior to it being available to the public. The collection is only being stocked at one New York store, as well as online.
As I perused the website, I was pleased to see that I already owned 3 of the 20 pieces - mine being the original vintage releases which have been collected over the years thanks to my eBay searching (and at much less than retail which makes me even happier).
One such piece I own is Elevenses No. 2 Pencil Skirt (whose re-release sold out within the first 24 hours). A pencil skirt with pencils on it? Genius! Just the kind of quirkiness I love Anthro for. Plus, the colors make the pairing options endless! So many tops, shoes, and accessories can go with this. For this look, I paired it with Linea Domini's Alphabet Blazer (c/o Steinmart), Old Navy red tank, Unlisted Web Page Wedges (c/o Steinmart), and necklace from a local boutique that I won in a Facebook giveaway. I submitted this look for this Sunday's reader outfits at Effortless Anthropologie.
Speaking of Effortless Anthropologie, here is a great post to get all the info on the archival collection along with links to the pieces. But, like I said, many piece sold out right away! When women are loyal to a brand or store, look out! I am glad Anthropologie decided to do this and maybe that means there is more to come! While this skirt is not part of the archival collection, it is a re-release of an older skirt which was previously in pinks. (I have the pink one - eBay as well of course).
The other pieces I own from the archival collection are the Duck Cord Skirt, seen previously here. And the Button Up Crops, which I will show in an outfit soon.

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Saw your picture on the effortless anthropologie blog and had to come see more - I love the blazer you paired this skirt with! What a fun look.