Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fall '16 Denim Trends

With the temps cooling, and back to school, denim is back in full swing. I am very pleased with the trends that I am seeing for the season.... some old, some new, some re-newed, and some you can DIY! I've selected my 3 favs here - let's get to talking!
Culottes: these wide leg crops are going strong and I couldn't be more excited! I've long boasted my love of these here, even if they might not be the best for my body type. I don't care, I love them! Especially the ones with the released hems. Back in the Spring I posted about how happy I was to see these at more and more retailers. And now? Heck, they are almost everywhere. Every time I see a pair I am in love (even though I already have a few pairs)?!?!?! My challenge will be styling them for the cooler weather as I have not done that yet. I am loving the looks here (all courtesy of Anthropologie) and hope I can pull off booties with them. The proportions can be tricky....
Hi-Lo Hem (or Mullet): I am not sure how I feel about this trend, but I am including it because I am seeing it everywhere. Plus, it's something you could easily DIY rather than buy. I do love how these show off your footwear. Images courtesy of Pinterest.
Embroidered: Gucci is responsible for bringing these back, and while I could never afford Gucci these take me back to the early 2000's where I had a few gorgeous pairs. That was when I strictly shopped Express and they came out with several. Mine are long gone - do I regret it? No, because they probably wouldn't fit and the style would be outdated. However, I do remember the embroidery was amazing! This would be a little more advanced DIY, but doable for some. It's a grown up version of the patches on denim - have you seen that trend too? And with this one, it doesn't stop at jeans - denim jackets are fair game too. Just.... don't wear the two together, okay? Unless you are Dolly Parton. Images courtesy of Pinterest.

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