Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I recently mentioned in a previous post how I've seen the hot rod car print trickle down from Prada's runway into the mainstream. So it's really exciting for me to find yet another piece of attire that I can wear to celebrate Jon & I's passion for good ole' American steel. This sweet shirtdress was found at Urban Outfitters while on my girl's adventure in Chicago. I of course loved the print, but was unsure of the shirt/dress style as it's not one I am used to wearing. Hanging on the rack it was buttoned up to the top and had an odd bow around the neck (removable to my relief). When I tried it on, it was shapeless and reminded me of my Grandpa's night shirt.

I passed on it that day, considering it perhaps when it went on sale. And, not to be defeated I started thinking of ways I would style it to make it more to my liking. We no sooner got back to Battle Creek and it hit sale. My internet shopping skills also found me an additional percentage off code, as well as free shipping. It was meant to be.

Pairing it with the basics - black leggings, belt and flats (already owned from Kohl's and Target) - I am really digging it! I am also digging this cool painted wall I discovered downtown..... it's starting to peel, adding more character as time cruises by!

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