Monday, June 16, 2014


You've probably realized by now, that I spend a lot of time at Zoos. We've been getting a family membership to our zoo since we had Richard (gifted to us, or we bought - which pays for itself within 2 visits) and which also gets you discount admissions to other zoos (usually half off). Richard has been to the zoo 4 times already this season - twice to our local zoo (post from Mother's Day here), a visit with Grandma & Grandpa to the zoo in my hometown, and a visit to a nearby zoo for Father's Day yesterday. We enjoy it just as much as he does, so it is really fun for all of us.
It's a good thing I love whimsical animal prints, which makes dressing for the zoo fun. Plus, the backdrops can be adventurous and different from my usual outfit posts as well. This first set is from our non-Mother's Day visit to our local zoo. I liked the mix of zebra print + colorful ikat panels of this dress from Steinmart. I wore the rhinestone necklace that I painted with nail polish, and my favorite gladiator sandals.

Yesterday, for Father's Day, I wore my camel dress (see post here from a few years ago, which was taken in the same "Africa" location as the ones above). This dress works for maternity because of the pleats in front. For how long though, I am not sure as if you compare the 2 posts you can tell I am *ahem* a lot fuller on top.

 I enjoyed wearing my new Anthro necklace that I posted about a few days ago. A few updates from then...... Lenora Dame is made in the USA, which is something I always love supporting. Also, Anthro is currently having a 20% off jewelry promo and since I was within the 14 day price adjustment period, I was able to call the store I bought this at to get the adjustment! I know I have read from others that price adjustments or free shipping adjustments can be hit or miss. I hope I am not testing my luck here, but I will say that I have never been turned down for either. If you buy at a store, as long as you have your receipt # and call that exact store they will do the adjustment over the phone. If you ordered online, call customer service. The last 2 times I ordered, they started a free shipping promo a few days later. Both times I called and got my shipping refunded (I hate paying shipping, BTW). Last, if your store doesn't have something in stock they will order it for you and waive the shipping. It never hurts to ask - every dollar counts! And those are all reasons why I love shopping Anthropologie.
Okay, back to the zoo. The zoo in Lansing had soooo many peacocks! I don't recall them having this many when we went last year. I am not even exaggerating when I say that everywhere you looked, there was a peacock. The most I saw all together at once was 5! No one fanned their feathers for me, but it was still wonderful! Here I am trying to get a pic with one.

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I love the zoo pics! I cannot believe that it has been so long since I have been to the zoo. I am definitely going to go there this summer. We live so close to one of the best zoos in the world. Did you know that some of zoo's membership fees are usually tax deductible?

I love both outfits. That dress from Steinmart is awesome. I have definitely been turned down for a p.a. but I usually keep calling around until I find a store that will allow it.

I have that camel dress. It was a steal a few years ago. I love it. You make me want to wear it again! It is so pretty on you.

Those necklaces are awesome. I remember the necklace you painted. That is SO cool!