Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Peacock & A Project

I mentioned in my last post that there are some major life changes over here.... my husband took a new job that is about an hour and a half further East here in Michigan, so we will be moving! I have a wonderful job where I work from home half of my time, so our goal is to settle in a place where it is still feasible for me to commute into the office when I need to. Our house is on the market, and we have worked so hard to make it look it's best. It is truly exhausting to make it look perfect every night/morning, not knowing if someone might be coming to look at it. Because of this, my creative muse has taken a vacation. Usually, I can leave projects laid about in my studio, but not now. Everything must be cleaned up daily! Needing to fuel the need to do something creative, I needed a project that would be quick, easy, and not require a lot of involvement.
I had seen these painted rhinestone necklaces on Pinterest, and thought they were pretty cool. Especially with my love of statement necklaces. I got my necklace at H & M, and I used nailpolish/clearcoat. My original plan included painting all of the little beads in between each section, but I am glad I left them clear.
 Oh shiny!
 And here is the necklace in action! Cobalt blue tee and green jeans are INC Concepts from Macy's. My black wedges I have had forever from Steinmart. The new piece though..... oh the new piece. A few months ago Anthropologie re-released classic designs for the 20th Anniversary. In this post, I talk about how I had collected many of the originals over the years via eBay. Well, I had never seen this peacock sweater before. I was instantly in love! The collection sold out fast, and I have no regrets snatching one up right away (at full price, gasp!).

 I need to plan to wear my hair up though when I wear this, because the back is truly what makes it! As it was, my hair was very different today...... This is my hair just washed and dried. Usually, I have it perfectly parted, backcombed, and sprayed into place. So this is very unusual for me. My hair is so fine and straight, it is constantly in my face like this - ugh!

My little photo bomber!
And just for the record, his hair is just as fine and straight! Mama's boy!

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Good luck with your move! If you end up anywhere near Ann Arbor, we just got a brand new Anthropologie! :-)