Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Consignment Shopping

Are you shopping consignment? If not, you should be!
I am sure people think I have a lot of clothes. I am not going to lie – I do. BUT, I am a savvy shopper and rarely pay full price for anything! I will share some tips here on how to save and plan your closet.
Not only do I shop consignment, but I also use consignment when I clean out my closet. Of course, I donate as well, but if I want to sell a piece of clothing and don’t feel like going through the hassle of eBay, consignment is great. Sure, you only get a % of what it sells for, but they do all the work for you. My local shop has what is called “drop and dash” so it’s really easy if you already have an account set up.
Consignment is becoming so popular, there is even a TV show about it! I love watching Resale Royalty on the Style network. The demand to consign is so great, my local store was so full this season they were not accepting any new inventory for about a month!
When my local store (My Style, Your Style) started up, I had met the owner at an Art Fair I was doing. She approached me to sell my work at her store. After selling jewelry there for a while, I soon started bringing my clothes there too and the rest is history! I’ve been a loyal customer ever since. When I get to thinking about it, everyone who supplies them is just like me – people who love fashion and keep their clothes in great shape…….. some even with the tags still on! Ladies who like to change up their wardrobe on a regular basis.
Without further ado, I wanted to highlight some of my best finds from My Style, Your Style:
Who hates paying a ton of money for special occasion shoes? Shoes that usually hurt anyway and you will never wear again? Well, here is a great example on how to avoid that. I wore these shoes to the wedding I was in this past weekend. I got them at MYSY for $10. They were brand new with the tags still on them. Satin peep toe, t-strap wedges with a flower detail? Too cute! Believe it or not, they were comfy the ENTIRE day too! These are so me, that I will certainly incorporate them into other outfits as well. (I will get into my eBay searching skills in another post, but I was able to track these same shoes down for another one of the bridesmaids on there.)

I got my red jeans at MSYS for $3 or $4 I believe! I LOVE these things and as you can see, I wear them a lot!

A staple piece like a jean jacket goes with most EVERYTHING! But if you go to a name brand store, or department store, you will pay on average $60-$70 for one. Once again, MSYS comes through with one from the Gap and I think I paid around $15 for it.

You never know what kind of “gem” you are going to find at a consignment shop, especially one that curates only name brand clothing. I now enjoy stopped at shops in other cities whenever I can!

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That last outfit is awesome - I've actually never tried consignment shopping before, need to do!