Sunday, July 30, 2017

40% Off Ends Tonight!

 It's a busy Sunday for us, as we've been enjoying so much Summer fun that our house went into disarray! So today is lots of cleaning and catch up, but I wanted to do a quick post because Anthropologie's extra 40% off sale items ends tonight!
 I wore this easy outfit grocery shopping this morning. The top is an item I got this week from Anthropologie. It was originally $68 marked down to $29.95 plus the 40% off! The artist who drew the design, Danielle Kroll, is someone whose work you will find often at Anthropologie. I have a tote bag from her as well that I bought a few years ago that I haven't featured on here yet.
 We've long loved Egyptian culture, so of course I was drawn to this print. You can adjust the shoulders with the drawstring like ties which have beads on the ends. Since it's a button up shirt, you could also wear it open (I feel it needs a tank underneath no matter what) or tied. Lots of options. But today, I just wore it loose with jeans and Birkenstocks (yes, I do wear sandals other than my favorite Payless ones). I wore my Mayan cartouche necklace, which is my name in Mayan symbols that I got on my honeymoon. I know it's different civilizations so hopefully I am not committing too much of a faux paus.
 With the 40% off sale ending tonight, I wonder what this means? Will Anthro just reduce the extra percentage off going forward? Make new markdowns? Hmmmmm. At any rate, I suggest checking out the sale for some good deals!
Brooklynite Printed Top : Anthropologie
Mossimo High Rise Distressed Jeans : Target
Birkenstocks : Moran's Consignment in Chelsea
Necklace : Mexico
Jessica Simpson Sunglasses : TJ Maxx

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