Thursday, July 20, 2017

Laundry Room Update

Since I like to share home décor from time to time - especially if it's DIY - I thought I'd share some recent projects from our laundry/mud room. We painted it a rust color and freshened up the white trim too. We had been using coat hooks that were there when we bought the house, but they weren't very practical for a few reasons - one of which was the kids couldn't reach so they'd throw their coats on the floor as soon as we walked into the house and I'd have to step over them until I set everything down to hang them up.
Jon found a bunch of railroad spikes behind his office and we hatched the idea to make them into hooks. We needed something to attach them to, so we headed to The Antique Mercantile (where I used to have my booth). It seems they always have what we were looking for - in this case an old farm door! Once we had it home, we planned out how many hooks we wanted and the spacing. We then cut them down to the right size and Jon drilled a hole in the back so that we could attach them to the door (the same way you would attach a pull to a drawer). There are 3 rows, the lowest for the boys. We had a scrap piece of wood left, since the door had to be cut down a bit to fit the space, so I stenciled a "laundry" sign. Pallet signs are all the rage right now, whether handmade or store bought. I haven't felt the need to go to a workshop to make once since we usually have all the supplies on hand to be creative. 
As we're coming up on 3 years in our house, we are really enjoying continuing to put our personality into it! If you ever have any questions about the DIY we do, let me know!

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