Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Left Foot

My left foot really does not like me being pregnant. Last time around, I developed an ingrown toenail on my big toe. Something I had never had before, and hope to never repeat. Last Sunday, Jon and I were out for a date and I was not watching where I was going. There was a hole in the parking lot that "rolled" my foot and brought me to the ground. I was wearing Crocs.... well, my Croc wedges...... but still, aren't those supposed to be sensible shoes!?!?!? Besides my pride, I didn't feel too hurt. Once we got home though and I took my shoe off, things were different. It really hurt! We put it up and iced it (a great excuse to use my peacock ice pack from TJ Maxx). The next day, it did not feel any better however it was not bruised and swollen like we expected. To have peace of mind about broken bones, I went into Urgent Care to get xrays. Everything checked out fine so I just had to deal until it got better. Luckily, it was pretty much back to normal after a few days! Whew! With everything else going on, a broken foot was the last thing I needed!
 Since we are on the subject of feet, I thought it would be fun to share 2 shoe styles that I have been keeping my eye on. As always, I am having fun finding less expensive versions of these.
 You know my love of buckles. I already own several pairs of boots/booties that have them. This collection is a bit different because it has the opening up the center and open toe rather than being closed. Similar, but different. Plus, I think these features will make them great for my third trimester, late summer/early fall, swollen feet. I can make the straps bigger to accommodate me now, and then tighten them up when I am back to normal. Anthropologie has 3 versions of this right now:
1. Suede Cadet Bootie by Jeffrey Campbell : $218 on sale for $174.40
2. Edinburgh Shooties by Freebird by Steven : $195 on sale for $156
3. Ladder Wedges by 67 Collection : $180 on sale for $99.95
While I would love to own any of the Anthro versions, even on sale they are too expensive for my current budget. So I found...
4. Journee Dixie. The link is for Kohl's where they are $89.99. Normally, I love shopping at Kohl's with their sales and coupons, but this is still too high. Once you have the brand and style name of a shoe, you can just do a search for it on Google to find the lowest price. The most common sites that come up are Amazon, 6pm, Overstock, Shoe Buy, etc.... So far, the cheapest I found these were on eBay for $39.99 plus free shipping.
Up next, I need to replace my most favorite black wedges that you see so often in my outfit posts. I've had them for about 3 years and they are starting to come apart in a few places. #1 shows the Unlisted "Webpage" ones that I currently have. Since the style is several years old, the only place I found a pair was on eBay and they are half a size bigger than I need. This classic style - material across the toes and a buckle strap around the ankle - is my absolute favorite. What I've really loved about my Unlisted ones, is the extra material that comes up around the entire foot, so that was what I was looking for again. Here's what I found:
2. Kelsi Dagger Heels - these are called Forte on Anthropologie's website but can be found elsewhere in black. $130 on sale for $104.
3. Nine West Julissa Pump - look how close they are to the Anthro ones! These are on several sites, but the cheapest I found was $49.95.
4. I am really leaning towards Chinese Laundry Sneek Peek. They are the closest to my Unlisted ones, plus they are the cheapest. They retailed for $109 but I've seen them as low as $34.99 plus free shipping.

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I hope you are feeling better! Oh my goodness! Your husband must have been so scared. You have the cutest ice pack! I did that to my foot in wedges about two months ago and now I am terrified of wearing any heel again.

But I absolutely have those Jeffrey Campbell booties in my wishlist. I LOVE EM. I really, really, really want those new Inca Booties. How long does the shoe sale last? I could pick them up in September.

Glad your foot is not broken! I hope you are resting today!