Sunday, August 17, 2014

One more thing.........

We had yet another drama with the house buying, which caused several days of unrest this past week. I....... just don't even have the energy to talk about it anymore. Everything is now resolved and I just hope there is nothing more.
Geez! Why has this whole process been so hard? It's only the second time we've tried to buy a home, but shouldn't it be fun and exciting at some point? I've often wondered what the universe is trying to tell me.
We have a close date/time. We have the movers all scheduled. It's hard to believe it is really happening!
So I knew I was going to forget something the other day when I did the post about Jon's obsessive house staging. Remember when I did this little project over the Winter? Rearranging the guest bedroom to make it appear bigger? Jon liked it, but thought that we should angle the bed from the corner so that people could get in on both sides. I argued that this would make the room look smaller again and to remember that this was just for "looks" not function (especially since a guest room is only used a few times a year).
Didn't matter.
Here is my before and after. You can click on the link above for more pics.

And here is how it looks now that Jon took over. Instead of getting a headboard, we moved the shelf behind the bed but that resulted in having to take some of the pictures down. He also wanted to get a new bedding set that was "brighter" even though I argued that the stark white did not go with the room at all (pulling my hair out now). We also got a cherry blossom rug. I do not know what I am going to do with this bedding set in the new house, as it is not something I would ever pick out. I am hoping our neighborhood has a yearly garage sale!
So what do you think? What version do you like best? (You are going to take my side, right?)
All I can hope is that he will be so occupied with his new garage space that he will forget about decorating in the new house. Otherwise, I plan to just hide out in my new closet!


GnomeLover said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You win! You so, so win. I agree with your placement and the colors and the fact that it made the room look bigger. Oh man. I like that you can laugh about it. That is a great marriage. You guys are so cute with your remodeling capers. I love it!


missy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I like yours so much better. It's no contest on every level. And I was in the biz as both an appraiser and real estate sales. Yours not only makes the room look bigger, it is more appealing.