Friday, August 22, 2014

Maternity Musts


My main goal for the blog has been to give people ideas on how to dress while pregnant..... how to stretch your existing wardrobe....... what to buy/not buy. So I thought I'd do a post on "other" maternity musts that I have enjoyed. When I went to compile a list, I realized that I am not really a high-maintenance pregnant lady. Don't get me wrong, I am not void of extreme emotion, usual symptoms, or severe cravings (will Jimmy John's deliver one sandwich 15 miles away?). What I mean is I don't like spending money on something that is only a temporary time in your life.
Case in point, Item #1
When I was pregnant with Richard, I resisted buying a specialty body pillow. Sure, I had some uncomfortable nights, but I made do. This time around, I was on a site where one caught the corner of my eye in an advertisement. Can you see why? It had *gasp* peacock feathers on it!!! I quickly clicked on over to read about Bump Nest and started rationalizing why I needed to buy one. I cannot rave about this pillow enough! I absolutely love it..... look forward to going to sleep every night....... can't imagine life without it even when I am not pregnant. It is that good. It is so soft, and the case comes off for washing. I do not have any of the aches and pains I had with Richard and I sleep very well. Best investment ever!
Item #2
Being bombarded with advertisements for stretch marks, how do you know which one is best? I like Bio Oil. I think I had first bought something from Mederma with Richard and I was not impressed. Bio Oil was my second purchase and I really liked it. I am not a habitual body lotion user as it is, so just doing this one extra step in the morning is saying a lot for me. I honestly do not have a single stretch mark on my belly from my last pregnancy. I have marks on other places of my body from way before baby, but I was surprised that becoming a mother was very kind to me. Hopefully that will hold true with #2!
Item #3
Knowing that I planned to wear a lot of dresses and skirts this time around - and go through a summer - the one problem I wanted to avoid was chafed thighs. Sorry if I am being TMI, but there is nothing more unpleasant than walking around on a gorgeous summer day and having your legs sticking together. I figured pregnancy would only intensify this. Let's face it - that unrealistic thigh gap that makes women feel bad about their bodies is in fact just that - unrealistic. I wanted to find an undergarment that would help with this. Enter the Jocky Skimmy Short. The link takes you to Macy's but I've gotten mine at Kohl's and I am sure there are even more places to purchase them. Now, I know what you are thinking - that they look like tight, uncomfortable shape wear. Not at all. The material is a really thin mesh and it stretches like crazy! They stretch so much that I can pull mine over my bump for a nice seamless look and a little bit of support. It honestly feels like you have nothing on. They are pure comfort!
The best part? I still plan to use these products after baby. None of them are so maternity specific that they cannot continue to be of benefit. I will still sleep with my pillow. I will still use bio oil. And unless I am wearing tights, I will probably always wear these shorties under my skirts and dresses. As long as I have enough chocolate and foot rubs from my hubby (and the occasional prenatal massage he books for me) I am all set to ride out the last trimester!

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Great post! I wish I had used something for stretch marks for my babies and I got them bad. I had the worst back pain. I had to see a chiropractor. That pillow is so pretty. I had wondered if you had gotten it. I am so glad that you did! I am going to look for those shorts! Those are great for under dresses that you fear will show stuff, too!