Friday, August 29, 2014

Get the look for less..... home edition.

I love being creative with home decor almost as much as I love being creative with my wardrobe. So of course, my money saving skills are carried over into this as well. Since our move is coming up, home decor is heavy on my mind so I thought I would share some fun posts in the upcoming weeks of my tastes and how I "get the look for less".
I love cubbies...... cabinets with lots of drawers....... pretty much any type of item that stores or displays things in a deliberate yet artful way. Several years ago, I feel in love with a cubby from Pottery Barn (referenced below) but I was not willing to pay their prices. I found this little shelf at a rummage sale for $7. It was white with a few scuffs on it. I painted it an ivory, distressed that paint a little with sandpaper, and then tacked some metal brackets onto each space that I had in my scrapbook supplies. I knew I was going to use the shelf to display the collection of shells and sand that we'd collected on all of our trips together. Since it was going to be a beachy theme, I gathered a bunch of random glass jars and containers in pale green/blue tones to hold everything. I got the shell picture holders at Kohl's. Once I was pleased with how I had placed everything, I printed out the text to go in the brackets to label where each collection was from. I love how it turned out!
 It currently hangs as the first thing you see when you walk up the stairs to our upper level. In the new house, I am planning to put it in the first floor bathroom. I do have those fancy beaded nautical show towels to go with it, you know. Hee, hee.
 In the years since I have created this, it has only been about trips that Jon and I have taken. But after our family vacation this summer, I am happy to add some shells/rocks/sand from that (they weren't added when I took these pictures). I also let Richard make it own "memory jar" with a plastic peanut butter jar. I let him select a favorite picture from the trip, and then add sand, shells, rocks, and some pine cones he found at the resort. He enjoys this kid friendly version.

 My inspiration: Potty Barn cubby for $149
 This one is at Target right now for $49.99. Use a coupon or wait for a sale/clearance is what I suggest!
With Pinterest, a little imagination, elbow grease, thrift shopping..... you can usually create any look you want for a fraction of the cost!

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