Monday, August 25, 2014

Last Hurrah

 Keeping in mind that I will be moving an hour further East next month, and with the new baby on the way, I knew I would not be making it to Chicago as much as I do now. So Richard and I met my Mom there on Sunday for one last "hurrah". It was a hot, but beautiful day. It might seem daunting to some to think about being in a big city while so pregnant and with a 3 year old. But I have been there so much it is like second nature. I have my favorite parking ramp, and know where the important things are for Moms of little ones like good places to eat and bathrooms. Richard just loves going and I am glad that I can expose him to a big city at such a young age.
 We started our day at the Laurie Gardens. It's so peaceful that you forget you are in such a busy place. I wore a maxi dress I've had for a few years (Apt 9 from Kohl's) since most all maxi dresses are maternity friendly. I absolutely love the print and colors of this one - black and white with yellow, red and cobalt blue. I find myself especially drawn to tribal / geometric prints lately, which you can probably tell if you've been a reader for a while. That being said, I do think this dress in particular made me look bigger than I am. The top is so wide in fact, that I had to wear my black tank under it. It's my reversible one from Motherhood Maternity, and I wore it on the v-neck side for the first time to align with the neck of the dress. I am not discouraged though, and that is the key - fashion can be trial and error. I plan to try styling this dress again when the temps cool with something over the top to treat it as more of a maxi skirt.

Since I knew it was going to be a humid day, I opted for only earrings even though I would have wanted to wear a big ole' statement necklace. Comfort is key right now!
We lunched at our new favorite little cafe from our last visit, hit up a few stores, and then headed over to Daley Plaza where Richard could explore. Urban play at it's best! 
I adore his little legs. And how blonde his hair gets in the summer!
We see a Picasso sculpture, he sees a slide!

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I love all of the pictures. First, Richard is so adorable. Oh my goodness. I love that picture of him playing in the fountain. You look beautiful and so does your mom. I love that your patterns go so well together. Since I do not drive the freeways, I would be terrified to go to a big city. You are so adventurous and brave!