Thursday, August 21, 2014

Vine Visit

I had a doctor's appointment today. The office/hospital I go to (and delivered Richard in) is in the neighboring city of Kalamazoo which is about 30-40 minutes away. I absolutely love my practice and the birthing experience I had so the drive is totally worth it. When we first moved to Battle Creek, I had tried out a few local doctors and did not really care for them. This makes the though of changing again, when we move another hour away next month, very difficult. Especially so late in my pregnancy. After talking with my doctor today, I may just go ahead and stay with them. He said he has patients that are even further away - even in the neighboring state of Indiana - so that goes to show how wonderful they are there! I am usually not picky about this kind of stuff, but when it comes to having a baby any stress you can take out of the situation is key. I mean, after all, this is the most UN-MODEST time you will ever have in your life so you'd better feel comfortable with who takes care of you and your baby.
My appointments are usually in the mornings, so I make a point to stop at Bagel Beanery for a breakfast. I should probably add that anytime I am going to a different or new city, one of my first thoughts is about eating. I love taking advantage of finding a new place or going to an old favorite that my home city does not have. You can imagine this is magnified times 100 with pregnancy. When I was there last month, I noticed this mural on the wall behind the building and made a note that I should take some blog pictures there on my next visit.  
 The mural is that of rams, chairs and party lights. Hmmmm.
 Later in the day, I did some research on the area which I found out is the Vine Neighborhood. Just on the outskirts of downtown, it has a very "indie" vibe. I often feel too old and uncool to be here. It has a mix of businesses that you would expect in any eclectic college area : laundromat, tattoo parlour, used book store, restaurants, etc.....
 My outfit was very simple. You can never go wrong with classic basics!
Reversible Tank - Motherhood Maternity
Gap Jean Jacket - local consignment shop
Sunglasses - Zulily
Beaded Necklace - made by me
 As I was reviewing my pictures, a guy on his smoke break asked me if I was taking pictures of the ground (see what I mean about my "uncool" status). I explained to him what I was doing and he offered to show me another mural on a neighboring building. It's a little edgier but I enjoyed posing with it too.

 Sorry Mr. Ram, I didn't save any of my bagel for you.

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Ha! That guy was so funny! The ground?! I thought I had commented and it is showing I did not. It must be back to school brain. You look beautiful. I love the goats. Too cool. We have a place in town like that. The funny thing is there are always hipsters there but everyone in town goes there. It is a mish mash of folks. But the store owners are hipsters so I never quite feel like I fit in. My husband loves to eat down there.

Did you take your pictures yourself? I am just wondering why he thought it was the ground.