Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Maternity Jane, Mama Jane

Over the years, I have come to love the brand Matilda Jane..... My dear friend who got me hooked on it refers to it as "MJ". So I thought of how those initials really encompass "maternity jane" or "mama jane". The clothes are not meant to be maternity, but I have found many of my pieces are bump friendly. They fit the Mama title perfectly because they are so comfy and perfect for a busy lifestyle with little ones while still keeping you looking unique. I've been wearing their stuff well before I had kids too. These aren't your typical yoga pants ladies! I guarantee you will get compliments when you wear MJ stuff. Also, if you have a little girl you will die at the cuteness of their clothing line, which is mainly directed toward little girls. I guess one of the reasons I am glad I am having another little boy is because I would seriously go broke dressing a little girl! Especially if we could have coordinating clothes!
The company releases new items every Spring and Fall. But if you are looking for retired pieces, eBay is a good bet. I've pulled together two looks that I've worn over the past couple of weeks that feature MJ bottoms. Ironically, they also both feature my basic maternity tank(s) and staple jean jacket. The waist on both the pants and the skirt are yoga style, so very bump friendly. Their big ruffle pants used to have a traditional elastic waist, and I am so glad they changed to the yoga style as it is much more comfy and smooth.
There are the Young Wheat big ruffle pants. I love the extra detail of lace on them! This outfit has been on repeat a lot over the past few weeks.

And this is the Homeward Bound skirt. I just love their prints, especially when they mix them!

Some of my other favorite Matilda Jane looks (some maternity, some not) here, here, here and here. Looking at the non-maternity ones makes me miss wearing those outfits, as much as I love dressing with this baby.

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Oh my goodness! That is the coolest brand. That skirt?! So good! I love those pants on you. Little girl's clothes are so expensive. Heck, teenage girl clothes are expensive, too. Girl's need so much more. My son was so easy for back to school. Just pants and tees. Tennis shoes. Done. My daughter. Oh man. A small fortune. Yes, be lucky for boys.

You look so cute pregnant. I never looked as good as you. I wish I had pretty pregnancy pictures like you will have.