Thursday, October 16, 2008

The gift of time.

Before I forget, visit Elizabeth Cranmer's blog to enter to win a beautiful quilt she made!

Well, we did finally get dismissed from work this morning at 10:30. I got a lot accomplished with the unexpected time I had at home. Unfortunately, I had to go to class in the evening so it's not like I could throw on my pj's. But, here is what I got done with pics to follow:

1. 3 new pieces and posted them to Etsy

2. shortened/reknotted a necklace for my co-Board member at the Art Center, Sara, and also made her the black and brown necklace she requested

3. made two necklace/bracelet combos a friend at work requested for Christmas gifts
Oh, and here's the necklace I made with the skull coin from GGS. I was inspired by Andrew's Trocadero design from the Summer 2008 issue of Stringing magazine. I framed the coin with 2 layered shell pendants. Then I collected a variety of pearls, shells, bone and wood beads to go immediately around it. The rest of the necklace is a brown cotton cord and I was able to work a toggle out of a shell slice. I love how it turned out and I feel like a pirate!

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Oooooohhhh AAAAaaaahhhhh!

Love it.
Love the dragonfly necklace, how creative!!
And the bronze coin is super!