Friday, October 10, 2008


What an end to the week.... My company has what they call "summer hours", which means during the months of April - October if you work an extra hour each day, you can get out at noon on Fridays. It's pretty nice, but I usually end up running errands or making appointments with the extra time instead of having it for actually "me" time - like to take a nap, make jewelry, etc... My overly jealous husband will often take half days on Fridays and find some kind of yard work or something for us to do, again ruining my "me" time. I like to tease him about it and I can only imagine his jealousy if we were to ever go to 4 day work weeks (wouldn't that be great)!

Anyway, I do have a point here.... Biscuit had his yearly vet visit. He had to get 3 vaccines and blood drawn. He was brave and I was able to snap this picture when we got home before he torn his bandage off and ran around the yard as if nothing happened. Notice the faux oil painting in the background that looks exactly like him - what a lucky find at TJ Maxx!!!
Well, before his appointment I thought I would run to Michaels once again to look for the elusive new stuff they are supposed to get in. Remember when I was there on Wednesday at lunch and the girl told me it would be out that evening but I didn't get out of class on time? Well, I went there again at lunch on Thursday - figuring they so totally have to have it out by now - and it still wasn't! I'm sure I let out a very audible moan when I saw the empty end cap. The bar code/price tag things that hang behind the merchandise were all up and there, staring right at me was the tag that said peacock. So close people!!! So here I was again, today, my third straight day there with a limited time frame because I knew I had to get to the vet. As I walked in I saw the girl scanning in all the new items and hanging them up. I kept walking by, trying to catch glimpses of how far along she was. I felt like a stalker. I gathered a few other items I was going to purchase and all of a sudden, a page came over the loud speaker for more cashiers up front. The girl abandoned her handheld machine and the open box of pretties. I peeked inside it and could see the bag of peacock pendants - I COULD SEE THEM!!! Ugh! Time was running out, I had to leave. So unsuccessful again! Anyway, Jon and I are off to the movies in a minute here and I am making him take me back!

I had a small victory of another kind though.... I was at my local grocery store and found the new issue of Stringing magazine! I cannot believe that no craft or book stores have it, by my small family owned supermarket does! Go figure...

I am glad this week of tests and appointments is over. I think I did good on both my tests, but am so burnt out. I am looking forward to a beautiful fall weekend and playing with jewelry. I took my trays of stuff into a local store I sell at and she selected most all of my new pieces to sell there. I took some stuff back from her so now I have to organize and post some different things on Etsy.

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