Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Decorating : What the Duck?!?!

So as with any of my decorating posts, I definitely can see a "theme" in things. I just hope I am doing a good job in spacing things out in a purpose like manner, to avoid anything looking too "overdone". I might as well just say I am a lover of all bird things, with a special affinity for peacocks, owls and ducks. Above are some vintage decoys in a crate next to our front door (see original post here). 
The yellow duck above, and green duck below, are currently on my mantle. Several years ago, I got my Dad a Father's Day gift at the Meijer Gardens gift shop. It was a duck similar to this named Alan. The company was "dcuk", and we've admired him ever since. When the Antique Mercantile opened up I found these two guys in one of the booths there. You can see the color scheme of my mantle here, however I am still playing around with incorporating our new friends and not quite sure of the placement yet.
This handmade, carved duck was a Salvation Army find for 99 cents! See original post here. 
A couple of brass ducks that were "picked" and sold at the booth.......
A couple of duck baskets hold essentials near the kitchen sink. Another Salvation Army find when we were shopping for Richard's bed (see post here).
And, a duck basket for sale at the booth. Are you seeing a pattern here? One for me, one for the booth, one for me, one for the booth....... 

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